Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Unified Field of Consciousness

By Adrian Nelson

The results of the experiments we have reviewed build a new picture of the interplay between consciousness and the physical world. Together the experiments build a composite image that describes the attributes of field consciousness. Emerging is a new model of mind and matter, one that revolutionises our understanding of our place in this world and our degree of agency in shaping it. We have seen that consciousness can extend out or reach into physical and biological systems to effect change. We have witnessed in the experiments of Rupert Sheldrake, Cleve Backster, William Tiller and others, the subtle dance of interconnectivity that exists between all things. These discoveries and experiments indicate consciousness emerges from a deeper, fundamentally unified order of reality. The unified field is the universe. It is an ocean, not of matter, but probabilities of relationships; information. The unified field is the evolving origin of all the “laws” and forces of nature that govern life at every level. Because of this, it may also adequately be defined as intelligence.
Consciousness, surfaces through self-organising biological systems in increasing coherence as they evolve and graduate into greater complexity. These evolving systems exist in a constant state of feedback with the unified field that itself can be considered to be evolving.
Can the universe itself be viewed as analogous to a great evolving organism? Classical Darwinist theories of evolution state that all features of a biological system must perform some advantageous function to the organism. If this principle can be transferred to our analogy of a universal organism, consciousness itself may prove to perform some intrinsic function in the unfolding of the universe. The evidence of what is now a countless number of scientific, rigorously conducted psi experiments indicate that what we direct our attention and intention towards becomes more likely to manifest in the world. We can be confident that this at least is true.

But, we have been told by leading scientists that our universe is slowing down, gradually unravelling at the seams and descending into chaos. However when we look at the world and nature objectively, there is evidence everywhere that this is simply not the case. It is at this juncture that I offer a conceptual model that is in part intuitive yet alluded to by our interpretation of the research.
I postulate that the universe is evolving into greater states of complexity and coherence and that life and consciousness can be seen as latent within the underlying geometry of the unified field. This field evolves complex biological systems out of itself that through their physiology, emerges a measure of self awareness. An organism’s very inner subjectivity, whilst individualised as it rises through the filter of the body’s nervous system, is at its most discrete level, fundamentally one with the unified field.
This process, if it can be seen as serving a function to the universe itself, might be described as the universe observing itself. I will from this juncture call this the experiential function of the observer.
The experiential function serves to communicate or feedback with the evolving ground state. Organisms evolve an individualised consciousness or an impression of separation because the experiential function cannot take place at the undifferentiated ground state level. This theory assumes that some measure of the experiential function takes place at all levels of life down to the cellular level and possibly further. It also relies in a form of evolving memory existing behind nature which, as we have seen in the theories of Bohm and Sheldrake, seems to be the case.
As physicists have found as they attempt to measure quantum particles, their act of observation disturbs the particle from its original state. At this deeper level of reality, the subjective and objective are inseparable and the distinction between observer and the observed breaks down. Through their emergence from the unified field, the observer and the physical world exist on the same continuum like ripples and vortices upon the surface of the same body of water. The consciousness of the observer is therefore intrinsically entangled with its environment. This may be why experiments show that the direction of will or intention impacts a subtle change in behaviour of physical systems.