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by Philip Holder, Ph.D.


Fear is defined in Webster’s dictionary as, "an unpleasant, sometimes strong emotion caused by an anticipation or awareness of danger" or " anxious concern". That may be true but from my experience in my therapy practice I would modify that slightly. I think it more accurate to say that fear is an unpleasant, sometimes strong emotion caused by the anticipation of "loss". It may be a loss of health (disease or damage to the body) or it may be loss of face (damage to the ego, pride, or image). It stands to reason then, that fear increases with an increased attachment to the physical world. It increases as well with a dependence on the approval of others. Fear is also more pervasive when there is a lack of faith that we have greater significance in the universe than what we own, or how others perceive us.


Fear is shown in many ways. Some show fear by withdrawing or by cowering (if you never take a chance there is no risk of loss). The most profound examples of fear are anger and hate..

Some people think that hate is the opposite of love. I disagree. Indifference is the opposite of love. Hate and love are often closely knit. Someone who can deeply affect your life can bring you loss therefore hate and love are often intertwined.

Anger is the primary sign of fear. Those who act out their insecurities as anger are the most fearful of all people. Often those who act "macho" or "bad" are perceived as brave. Look past the fa├žade. Those who act with anger are deeply immersed in fear. When two kids get in a fight, it is fear that spurs them on. It may be fear of looking like a chicken to friends, or loosing their girlfriend (or boyfriend), or it may be fear of physical harm. It is rare that fights occur over reasonable issues. Fear is the catalyst that fuels anger.


There are two areas to consider when contemplating the effects of fear on your life. The first is the physical short term effect and the second is in how fear effects your life in general.

Fear is more than a simply a mental state. If effects both the physiology of the body and the chemical balance of the brain as well. When people are afraid it generates stress. Extreme stress can manifest itself physically in a number of ways. In extreme cases it can cause tunnel vision, loss of color perception (color blindness), it can cause a distortion of both time and of depth perception.

Want a good example of this… Often when someone is involved in a serious auto accident they will describe these effects. They may say, "It was like everything was in slow motion", or, "Everything was in black and white". What they are describing is the effect of stress generated by fear. Fear (and the stress generated by it) will raise blood pressure. It will also deplete the immune system. Fear causes errors in judgment and prevents us from taking the most reasonable course of action.

The long-term effect of fear can be more devastating than the short term. We are all what we practice to be. If you practice baseball every day you will become a good baseball player. If you practice carpentry every day you will become a good carpenter. If you practice being happy every day, you will become happy. If you practice fear (anger) every day, you will become a fearful and angry person. People often train themselves to perpetuate these negative behaviors. There are times when this behavior has been practiced for so long that the person is unaware that they have a problem with fear and anger. It becomes their practiced behavior for dealing with any challenge.


To cast out fear one must first get past the ego. More fear has been created as a result of perceived or anticipated loss of face (ego) than was ever created out of anticipation of loss of physical well being. A great deal of this fear is a result of people’s inability to prioritize. I always suggest that when someone feels himself or herself getting angry that they ask "is this situation really going to have any effect on the overall outcome of my life". In most cases, the answer is no. Place you attention on what is truly valuable. Look at the bigger picture. In this life we own nothing and no one belongs to us. I don’t know who first said it but I truly believe in the old saying, "let go of everything and what remains is what is truly yours". When you are angry, stop and ask yourself what you are afraid of. Only by being honest with yourself about what is causing anger can you take back control of your life from fear and anger.

When I see the mindless things that we adults often argue over, I wonder who the kids really are. Winning a meaningless and petty battle or point can cause you to lose the war. Remember… "Never argue with an idiot. People watching can’t tell who is the idiot". In an argument or confrontation people often lose sight of what the original disagreement was even about. Fear of loosing (or being outdone) takes total precedent over the importance or lack of importance of the original issue. People argue about whose religion is best, what martial arts style is best, who’s the toughest guy or the cutest woman. These arguments are all rooted in fear. Those who are condescending to others, or boastful, exhibit a state of perpetual fear. Someone who is truly centered, confident, and focused has no need for boasting or for petty squabbles. They are too busy doing things that are positive and constructive. The next time that you hear a person degrade or belittle another person, or criticize another martial arts style or instructor, or say destructive things about a colleague, know that it is the person doing the criticizing who is full of fear and insecurity. Anger is born out of fear. Fear is born out of a sense of inadequacy and/or the anticipation of loss. Fearful people are those who take themselves and the material things of the world far too seriously. Life is to be enjoyed by raising ourselves up to meet our personal potential. It has nothing to do with anyone else.

If you cultivate a sense of your spiritual worth, if you understand that there are greater things in this world than what we have or what others perceive us to be, then there is no reason to fear. When fear vanishes, so does anger. When anger is gone, your thoughts become clear. When your thoughts are clear, you function at your best.

Only lazy people attempt to make themselves look better by degrading others. You can practice being brave by being kind. You can practice courage by being tolerant of the beliefs of others. Accept that there is more than one way to accomplish any goal. What is the right way for one may not be the right way for others. Those who think that theirs is the only way, or that they know all of the answers have condemned themselves to ignorance. When you keep an open mind your potential for growth is unlimited. When you are free from fear, you can experience each moment to the fullest. This focused and centered state of mind will help you to excel in anything you undertake. Only by letting go of fear and casting out anger can one truly experience the joys of life.


David Wilcock - 2012 Enigma

Pineal Gland Activation

Barbara Marciniak speaks about the Evolution of Consciousness.


Multi-Dimensional Training- Connect to the Higher Self

How does one send energy, thoughts to another on the other side of the world?

Energy and Thought exist beyond the 3rd dimension. Beyond the physical. That is the key. You cannot connect 4th and 5th dimensionally with a 3rd dimensional perspective. You have to enter the next level.

How do you do this?

1. Connect to your higher self. Close your eyes and imagine a brilliant white being floating above you. It looks like you but has very little physical features. It is your higher self, your soul.

2. When we connect with another person, we ask our higher self to introduce us to the higher self of the other person. It is wise to obtain permission for this process. When permission can not be sought from another conscious person, it should be obtained from the higher self of that person. Close your eyes, look within through the clouds of your thoughts, through your emotions, through images from your subconscious, look through the astral trash. Allow yourself time. On the other side, gradually another brilliant being will appear. Your vision has seen through the clouds and now you see another's higher self. You will get a feeling in your energetic body of connection. That is your confirmation.

3. Transfer thoughts, energy, emotions whatever at this point. What you just transfered exists above the 3rd dimension. How do you manifest it? The key is Free Will. You intend they receive it. If it is for their highest good, their higher self will give them the information through feelings, hunches, intuition. The words will float down into their brain. Their higher self will direct the transmission for their highest good. You have nothing to worry, you're done!
thanks to Chris for this one

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Doors of Perception

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything
would appear to man as it is, infinite.
For man has
closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow
chinks of his cavern.

—William Blake

Optimal Physical Strength

by James Clair Lewis

Most people's muscles only fire 30% of their muscle fibers, when a muscle is flexed. While apes (& other creatures), employ 100% of a muscle's fibers, when a muscle is flexed. This accounts for what is refered to as animal strength. Size of a muscle is less important, than how much of its capacity is employed. There is a fairly simple breathing/muscle flexing technique people can use, that increases the percentage of muscle fibers that fire when a muscle is flexed. Bruce Li was aware of it, and taught it to some of his students. The result is that the person can become immensely strong, but their muscles will appear no larger than anybody else's muscles.

Training the core/stabilizer muscles is an important part of this process. You can do that with Yoga, Pilates, or Martial Arts, like Tai Chi. But there is one further step you can take, which is the real Key. This Key Principle can be applied to any physical movement form, but I will explain it here, using only the most basic form, which is Standing.

Stand in the optimally erect posture, with feet directly under the shoulders, shoulders back, & chin slightly tucked in. You should be relaxed & breathing normally. Once you have gotten into this posture & are comfortable with it, you will tense every muscle in your body at once, beginning with the transverse adominus muscle (the gut), without changing your posture the least little bit, (meaning that you will NOT raise your shoulders up, or alter the posture from simply standing at all). Then, maintaining the posture, and the tension of the muscles, you will inhale slowly & hold your breath, still without altering your posture in any way. Finally, you will relax, exhale, and remain standing in the optimal posture of standing.

This simple exercise will increase the percentage of muscle fibers that actually fire, when you flex or use your muscles. When that percentage reaches 60%, you will be effectively twice as strong, although you won't appear any different, (besides looking rather good when skyclad). Consider a 120 lbs girl, as strong as an average 240 lbs man. That can be achieved, and possibly even more...

The core/stabilizer muscles are what keep your body erect, but when they are weak or imbalanced, people develop poor posture, which limits their physical range of motion & capacity. When one core/stabilizer muscle is flexed, then all of them flex, and the easiest way to do that, is to flex the transverse adominus muscle, which is your gut muscle. Ever notice that in Martial Arts literature, they often speak of focusing in the center of gravity, the Dom Tien? This is what they are talking about.

If you use this exercise in a less than optimal posture, (like shoulders up, or back swayed to a side or something like that), you will strengthen your muscles INTO the maladapted posture. I'm sure you can see how that wouldn't work out so well. So if you have postural problems, it might be a good idea to be seeing a chiropractor, a massage therapist, AND some kind of exercise therapist, (like a Hatha Yoga, or Tai Chi instructor), before beginning to use this technique. With those three healing modalities being employed, your posture will be corrected enough to make use of this technique to its full advantage.

Using this technique with Yoga or Martial Art forms, will strengthen your body in those forms. Begin with the relaxed Standing posture. Then, tense the body & inhale, as explained above. Hold the breath while tensed in the posture, and when you exhale & relax, you move into the next posture in the series. Then you repeat this process with each form of the set. This approach will enable you to exert optimal strength in all of the motions that your body uses. It probably would be a very bad idea for someone without this training, to pick a fight with somebody who has been practicing with this technique for any amount of time... especially, if the practitioner has developed beyond 60% muscle fiber efficiency.

source: http://www.jamesclairlewis.com/pages/massage/optimalstrength.html

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A Message From Mayan Elder Don Alejandro - shift of the ages

The National Counsel of Elders Mayas, Xinca and Garifuna of Guatemala are here in fulfillment of the Prophecies of the 13 Baktun and 13 Ajau. We have several prophecies concerning the time we are living in, and it is in fulfillment of the Prophecies that we are here today. I will mention some of them:

"At the time of the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau is the time of the return of our Ancestors and the return of the men of wisdom." That time is now.

The Prophecy says: "Those of the Center, with their mystical bird Quetzal, make unite the Eagle of the North with the Condor of the South; we will meet because we are one, like the fingers of the hand." This prophecy means that the Indigenous People of the North and the Indigenous People of the South, through those of the Center, will come together to strengthen the recovery of the ancestral science; recovery of our identity, art, spirituality and Cosmo-vision on life and death that the different Cultures have.

We the Indigenous People join together in defense of the life of the human species, in defense of the life of our brother animals and the trees and in defense of the life of Mother Earth, because the life of the Planet Earth is in danger. We all know that what is happening in the world now is not a coincidence.

As examples: The hurricanes and the heavy storms that are menacing different places in the world; the high temperatures that day by day rise to higher degree, while in other parts of the world the cold becomes more intense; rivers are drying out and others are disappearing; the glaciers are melting; many places in the world are suffering the effects of natural disasters; and all of these are the result of our imbalance with Nature.

It is necessary that the behavior of human beings all over the world has to change; the life of the Planet Earth is responsibility of all and that is why the invitation from the Indigenous people is for everyone, to help save human life, save the planet thus inheriting a healthy future to the new generations.

According to the Maya Long Count Calendar, we are finalizing the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau, thus approaching the YEAR CERO. We are at the doorsteps of the ending of another period of the Sun, a period that lasts 5,200 years and ends with several hours of darkness. After this period of darkness there comes a new period of the Sun; it will be the 6th one. In each period of the Sun there is an adjustment for the planet and it brings changes in the weather conditions and in social and political life as well.

The world is transformed and we enter a period of understanding and harmonious coexistence where there is social justice and equality for all. It is a new way of life.

With a new social order there comes a time of freedom where we can move like the clouds, without limitations, without borders. We will travel like the birds, without the need for passports. We will travel like the rivers, all heading towards the same point -- the same objective. The Mayan prophecies are announcing a time of change. The Pop Wuj, the book of the Counsel, tells us, "It is time for dawn; let the dawn come, for the task to be finished. "

Each one of us has a relationship with the Universe and that reflects whether our attitudes with others are harmonious or not. The time for change has arrived. The time for understanding each other and to be more human is here.

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Jamais Cascio: Tools for building a better world

Jamais Cascio of www. worldchanging. com/ looks at some specific tools and techniques that can make a difference in the world.

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The Music of Atomic Shapes

taken from the article: Geometry,Music and Healing by Ani Williams

Five basic three dimensional geometric forms are found to represent the five elements in creation: The tetrahedron–fire, the cube–earth, the octahedron--air, the dodecahedron–ether, and the icosahedron–water, as shown in order here:

These five Platonic solids comprise the constantly changing dance of creation, the alchemical dance of the elements. "In bringing order to the universe the Creator gave geometric forms to the atoms….interacting with human senses to produce appearances and feelings." John Michell

I was able to experience the ‘musical proportions’ of Platonic solids many years ago, when I was studying with Michael Helios, who I consider to be a reincarnated Atlantean wizard. Helios’ early pioneering research in music, mathematical proportions, astronomy and healing became one of my areas of study in sound healing during the early 1990’s. Helios had discovered the musical proportions and corresponding tone scales of the each of the Platonic shapes, which included tuning his keyboard to specific frequencies to achieve the exact proportions.

During his presentations Michael would play the scales and geometries of each shape and the participants would meditate on the five different musical pieces, without his disclosing which geometric shape he was playing. After each piece, the listeners would describe which of the shapes they experienced. It was quite extraordinary, that every Platonic solid was directly perceived, felt, and ‘seen’ with the inner eye during each of the five musical meditations. This was my first experience of realizing the power of musical transmission and its potential to specifically re-order creation. This is exactly what the ancient mystics and scientists were telling us!

I was especially profoundly affected by the Dodecahedron, and while Helios played the musical proportions, I felt as if I ‘became’ this geometric solid, and this shape and I became the Great Mother matrix of the universe. The dodecahedron can be seen to represent the order of the heavens and also the perfect shape of mediation between the infinite and the finite, the sphere and the cube.

The dodecahedron is comprised of twelve pentagonal (five-sided) faces, and represents the fifth sacred element, ether, or divine potentiality. Recently, quantum physics researchers in the US and France have said that based on measurements of cosmic waves left over from the ‘big bang’, it appears that the shape of the universe is a Dodecahedron. This is fascinating, considering there are five platonic solids and the corresponding five basic elements of life. The entire human race is joined in these same basic sacred proportions of the physical body as it is overlaid in a pentagram, with the arms and legs spread to make a five-pointed star, with the reproductive organs at the exact center. And there are five appendages from the human torso, five appendages on each leg and arm, five openings on the face, and five senses of physical perception.

If we can imagine the dodecahedral-pentagonal shape of the uni-verse (meaning one song), and see the human body pentagram geometry, we find in both a divine proportion and potential for harmonic perfection, inherent in physical embodiment and the harmony of the spheres. We embody the geometry of the cosmos! And we find that the Golden Mean proportions of the cosmos and our body temples are closely aligned with the harmony of the musical ‘fifth’, or stated another way, the universe and humanity are geometries singing!

"One of the properties of the pentagram is that the lines bisect each other according to the Golden Section …the ideal human proportions lie in the canon defined by the Golden Section or PHI." Nicholas Mann’s ‘Sedona Sacred Earth’.

full article

Fill your moments with action, and there will be little time left for
worry. Fill your moments with meaning, and there will be little time
left for despair.

Fill your days with discovery, and you will
fill your life with valuable knowledge. Fill your hours with caring,
compassion and respect, and you will fill your world with love and

Fill your thoughts with positive possibilities, and
the best things in life will surely be within your reach. Fill your
words with encouragement and enthusiasm, and you'll often find people
and circumstances lining up in your favor.

Fill your efforts with purpose, persistence, diligence and integrity. And your life will be filled with valuable achievements.

Fill your heart with a love of truth and goodness. And your soul will be filled with the treasure of wisdom.

Your life is a most precious gift. Fill every corner of it with the best that you can.

~author unknown

The Nature of Thought Energy

by Dr. Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D.

Your thoughts are the currencies with which you exchange energy with the universe. Do you believe that your thoughts have energy? Do you believe that a place or an object can retain the energy of the people that have come into contact with it? If you have ever entered an old home and sensed the presence of its previous occupants, or held an antique item in your hands and felt the history of it, then you know the answers. Scientists are just beginning to accept the truth about thought energy, and have begun to study what many have known for centuries. In fact some of today's leading scientists in areas of physics, biology, psychology and many other fields are starting to recognize the importance of thought energy.
Positive thought energy in the form of collective meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce violent crime!

In 1993 a study encouraged by one the world's leading physicists was undertaken in Washington D.C to determine if focused meditation could have an effect on that city's crime rate. The results were astonishing. During the weeks that several volunteers meditated, crime rates fell dramatically by 25 percent! This was no accident. This was scientifically validated and proven to be an effective means of countering the criminal inclinations of a very large group of people…an entire city in fact.

All Life Is Energy

Thoughts have energy. Negative thoughts create negative events. Positive thoughts create positive results. The energy of thought is either stored in physical structures or is transmitted into the universe, it never dies. Consider what this means. Think about the ramifications.
Where did the clothes you are wearing come from, who made them? Were they manufactured by depressed and impoverished people working in appalling conditions for weeks to make the same amount of money that you spend on a cup of coffee in the morning?

Who built the car that you drive? Was it built by disgruntled and tired factory workers? Where some of those workers alcoholics? Did some of them leave work, go home, beat their wives and children and build your car the next morning? Who built the house that you live in? Who came into contact with the food that you ate today? Starting to get the picture? Everything we come into contact with can hold the thought energy of other people. Even the air that we breathe carries the thought energy of those it surrounds.
What were the thoughts that have been injected into every part of your life? How much has the thought energy of others affected you?

Every thought interacts with the energy of the universe. Negative thought looks for other negatives thought energies to bind with. Eventually a matrix of negative thought energy is created and forms a thought wave. These powerful negative thought waves manifest themselves in our lives in the form of poverty, crime, war, plagues and natural disasters. Negative energy creates a vacuum, it detracts from the life giving nature of the universe Negative thought waves come in many sizes and have been known by many names, bad luck, misfortune, disaster, evil, curses, etc. Call them what you will, the source of their energy is the same. The source is us.

Positive thought energy also seeks out other positive energies. If you are a source of positive thought energy, positive and beneficial energy will return to you in many wonderful and unexpected ways. Positive thought energy creates a surplus; it is the surplus of positive thought energy that allows for the creation of life.

You are the source and creator of all things. Everything that happens in your life has a direct connection with the type of energy that you are charging the universe with. You alone are responsible for the type of energy created by your life.

Becoming aware of the power of your own thoughts is the most important step in understanding how to handle the adverse influence of the negative thought of others.

Knowing the value of positive thought energy allows us to become sensitive to negative energy. We begin to notice it in our own speech, we see it in our relationships, and we notice it in others.

Being aware is the key. Once we are aware of the negative thought energy in our lives we can take measures to eliminate it and replace it with beneficial, healing energy. It is as simple as noticing it and dismissing it with our minds. A thought enters our mind that we recognize as negative, we simply dismiss it. By dismissing negativity we take away its power by not allowing it to manifest further negativity in our lives.

There are of course many other techniques available to combat negative thought energy and create positive abundance in our lives; including focused meditation among others. The critical first step however is simply being aware of the existence and effects of these energies. Hopefully this brief article has helped you to allow that first step to be taken.

Turn up Your Energy Levels and Start to Radiate

By George Lockett

We are now living in a time
where the energy of consciousness
is starting to glow and radiate all around us

Each human is becoming the source
of their own radiant being
Take your awareness within
and choose to start to glow and radiate.

You can feel this field of energy
all around you without any effort

Know that as this energy increases
around and within you
Your radiance and divinity
start to glow from within.

Your natural beauty is shining from within.

All stress in your life is starting to drop away;
as we let go of our attachment to our environment
and the things in our life that no longer serve us well~

Start to consciously become aware of your breathing,
feel the life force entering you body as you breathe.

Use your imagination to create your dream
and realize your passion,
follow your hearts desire to realize your true nature

Know that your higher Self
is connected to the whole Universe.

Take your awareness within,
connect with that higher Self,
use your feelings and your passion to guide you.

Fill yourself with your own self-love;
use your awareness to know yourself
and appreciate that you are one with everything.

I am that I am.

Recreate your Self anew in the moment of Now.

There is no limit to this process
except the limits you set for yourself
Expand these limits and change your beliefs
so that you feel comfortable with your Self.

Be happy by yourself,
this is a time for self-sufficiency.

Make up each day anew.

Change your routine each day,
flow you energy in new ways.

Change you mind about things,
which bring you pain.

Change you beliefs and your judgements
about things in your life.

Alter you perspective.

Let synchrony into your life.

Feel the whole of your environment
coming in tune with you
See the things you desire in your life
flowing to you naturally.

Open out your boundaries
and flow your energy freely,
see all that you need is already there.

Your desires are fulfilled before the need is created;
see the synchrony bringing
all you could ever want to you
in an effortless way
Use the spirit guides to give wings to your dreams.

Ask the spirit guides to help you expand who you are
and your influence in the Universe.

Be that what you wish to create in the world naturally;
go within yourself and create in your heart the dreams,
which you would like to see in your environment.

Let go of the old and create the new with joy and fulfilment.

Progress is made through change;
start to be the source of your own change

Eco Friendly Laundry?

The Green Wash Ball

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Six Tips to Eliminate Drama

by Liara M.
Covert, PhD @ dreambuilders. com. au

Certain emotions create mental obstruction and drama. Relate a clogged toilet analogy. If you choose to get worked up, that does not unclog the obstructon. To bottle anything sets it up for release sometime. You choose how to perceive and react.
Consider these tips to learn more about the constant energy flux of your life and how to eliminate drama;

1) Choose not to believe.
Whatever you think takes form and manifests in your life. If you do not believe in something, then your senses will not permit you to experience that. Yet, if you experience drama, or repeated discomfort, you have not yet uncovered certain mental blocks or dissolved them.

2) Respect your need to grow.
Every event that unfolds, every sensation you feel, helps you move through phases of mental, physical and other healing. To be aware of your rigid mindset enables you to work through unconscious doubt, complaints and illusion that obscure what you perceive now.

3)See through the inner judge.
Labels create imaginary divisons, hierarchies and power dynamics They do not exist. Self-induced boundaries re-organize spatial zones and energy vibration in ways that do not serve you. Being aware of what you do empowers you. Itis possible to evolve and sense what you had missed previously. Ego has reason to deny truth.

4) Nurture open-mindedness.
To disagree or react with distast to people rejects their ways of thinking, being and feeling. To deny or invalidate views other than yours is to close yourself off from layers of truth. To disavow truth is to create waves of energy in form of drama. To accept alternative or co-existent realities, is to concede something other that what you currently experience is connected to the physical world.

5) Recognize the impact of density.
Humans are light energy beings. The nature of thoughts and feelings influences if one experiences a lightness of being or, a heavier sense of existence. Drama weighs heavy on the mind. To be unwilling to adjust or change prolongs emotional storms. You exist as you are to learn to release energy and restore other energy inside.

6) Reframe where this is leading.
Discomfort evokes stress, conflict or striking realism. Yet, more is happening than you consciously register. Many human beings do not realize they acknowledge drama, explore cause and perpetuate it as part of a process to get beyond it. Thoughts of anger, hostility or revenge imply you misunderstand karmic lessons. As you deliberately take responsibility for conditions and choose to evolve, you gain the insight required to transcend drama.

The Magnetic Pole Flip and DNA Activation

by James Clair Lewis

The Sun goes through a Magnetic Pole Flip every eleven years. This is known as the sunspot cycle. At the totality the north and south magnetic poles split apart, with sunspots being temporary magnetic poles, which drift around the surface of the Sun from upwellings of magnetic current deep inside the Sun, until the north and south magnetic poles reform themselves in the opposite positions from what they were before the totality.

The Earth also goes through magnetic pole flips, (I am not talking about a shift of the rotational axis), but not as frequently. Our scientistics have found in the geological records, sixteen previous occurances of magnetic pole flips on Earth, the most recent of which happened some 780,000 years ago. That was when early hominids began walking upright, figuring out how to use and make tools, and discovered fire.

In past magnetic pole flips there have always been massive species extinctions before the totality, followed by a resurgence of Life, and the appearance of new species after the totality. This is happening again right now. For over one hundred years, the Earth's magnetic field, the Van Allen Belt, has been decreasing in strength. This always happens before a Totality, and we have most certainly seen many species extinctions, although we are responsible for much of that.

Our scientists believe that the totality will not begin for another 1000 years, but they are basing their speculation upon the apparent rate that the Earth's magnetic field has been decreasing. Now while the Earth's magnetic field has been decreasing at a steady rate, Nature does not operate in straight lines. A hyberbolic or tangent function is much more likely.

Now considering that our solar system is approaching the end and the beginning of a Long Year, and that we are now entering the dense space of the galactic plane, it seems much more likely that the totality period of the Earth's magnetic flip will coincide. Probably not on the Winter Solstice of 2012, but most certainly any time now, or shortly thereafter.

Geological records of past magnetic pole flips of the Earth, show that the time period of the totality varies considerably from several decades to a few hundred years. It simply is not predictable. During that time, the Van Allen Belt will be greatly weakened, allowing much more of the full spectrum of the Sun's light to reach the Earth, rather than being deflected around it, as it normally does. We will also be more subject to solar flares, than we have in the past. These higher spectra of the Sun's light are very mutagenic.

Couple this with surges of magnetic current from the various roving Earthspots during the magnetic pole flip, and you will understand why much genetic mutation, and evolutionary processes will be active. All lifeforms, both plant and animal, will undergo changes. Some plants may change the shapes of their leaves or the formation of their flowers. Some trees may begin to produce fruit, that they never did before. The changes in animals may be less apparent physically, but many species may attain a higher level of sentience. Two directions in which these changes should show up, are in an increase in manual dexterity in some animals, and an increase in language development in all of them. By the end of this process, certain animal species may be demanding the right to vote...

One physical change in humans, will be a spinal arrangement better adapted for upright walking, as we have been moving in that direction for a long time in our evolution. Our geneticists have already detected an increase in people with more than two strands of DNA. All of these people have various psychic abilities. This will continue, until we achieve maturity with 12 strand DNA.

With the surges of magnetic current through the roving Earthspot temporary magnetic poles, there will be auroara borealis visible at times all over the Earth. It should be quite a light show. However, this also means that magnetic media will be subject to being wiped clean. It would be a good idea to transfer your audio, and video tapes to laserdiscs, CDs, or DVDs. Computer hard drives are magnetic media. Make sure you have a back-up burned and ready...