Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Music of Atomic Shapes

taken from the article: Geometry,Music and Healing by Ani Williams

Five basic three dimensional geometric forms are found to represent the five elements in creation: The tetrahedron–fire, the cube–earth, the octahedron--air, the dodecahedron–ether, and the icosahedron–water, as shown in order here:

These five Platonic solids comprise the constantly changing dance of creation, the alchemical dance of the elements. "In bringing order to the universe the Creator gave geometric forms to the atoms….interacting with human senses to produce appearances and feelings." John Michell

I was able to experience the ‘musical proportions’ of Platonic solids many years ago, when I was studying with Michael Helios, who I consider to be a reincarnated Atlantean wizard. Helios’ early pioneering research in music, mathematical proportions, astronomy and healing became one of my areas of study in sound healing during the early 1990’s. Helios had discovered the musical proportions and corresponding tone scales of the each of the Platonic shapes, which included tuning his keyboard to specific frequencies to achieve the exact proportions.

During his presentations Michael would play the scales and geometries of each shape and the participants would meditate on the five different musical pieces, without his disclosing which geometric shape he was playing. After each piece, the listeners would describe which of the shapes they experienced. It was quite extraordinary, that every Platonic solid was directly perceived, felt, and ‘seen’ with the inner eye during each of the five musical meditations. This was my first experience of realizing the power of musical transmission and its potential to specifically re-order creation. This is exactly what the ancient mystics and scientists were telling us!

I was especially profoundly affected by the Dodecahedron, and while Helios played the musical proportions, I felt as if I ‘became’ this geometric solid, and this shape and I became the Great Mother matrix of the universe. The dodecahedron can be seen to represent the order of the heavens and also the perfect shape of mediation between the infinite and the finite, the sphere and the cube.

The dodecahedron is comprised of twelve pentagonal (five-sided) faces, and represents the fifth sacred element, ether, or divine potentiality. Recently, quantum physics researchers in the US and France have said that based on measurements of cosmic waves left over from the ‘big bang’, it appears that the shape of the universe is a Dodecahedron. This is fascinating, considering there are five platonic solids and the corresponding five basic elements of life. The entire human race is joined in these same basic sacred proportions of the physical body as it is overlaid in a pentagram, with the arms and legs spread to make a five-pointed star, with the reproductive organs at the exact center. And there are five appendages from the human torso, five appendages on each leg and arm, five openings on the face, and five senses of physical perception.

If we can imagine the dodecahedral-pentagonal shape of the uni-verse (meaning one song), and see the human body pentagram geometry, we find in both a divine proportion and potential for harmonic perfection, inherent in physical embodiment and the harmony of the spheres. We embody the geometry of the cosmos! And we find that the Golden Mean proportions of the cosmos and our body temples are closely aligned with the harmony of the musical ‘fifth’, or stated another way, the universe and humanity are geometries singing!

"One of the properties of the pentagram is that the lines bisect each other according to the Golden Section …the ideal human proportions lie in the canon defined by the Golden Section or PHI." Nicholas Mann’s ‘Sedona Sacred Earth’.

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