Thursday, March 12, 2009

Six Tips to Eliminate Drama

by Liara M.
Covert, PhD @ dreambuilders. com. au

Certain emotions create mental obstruction and drama. Relate a clogged toilet analogy. If you choose to get worked up, that does not unclog the obstructon. To bottle anything sets it up for release sometime. You choose how to perceive and react.
Consider these tips to learn more about the constant energy flux of your life and how to eliminate drama;

1) Choose not to believe.
Whatever you think takes form and manifests in your life. If you do not believe in something, then your senses will not permit you to experience that. Yet, if you experience drama, or repeated discomfort, you have not yet uncovered certain mental blocks or dissolved them.

2) Respect your need to grow.
Every event that unfolds, every sensation you feel, helps you move through phases of mental, physical and other healing. To be aware of your rigid mindset enables you to work through unconscious doubt, complaints and illusion that obscure what you perceive now.

3)See through the inner judge.
Labels create imaginary divisons, hierarchies and power dynamics They do not exist. Self-induced boundaries re-organize spatial zones and energy vibration in ways that do not serve you. Being aware of what you do empowers you. Itis possible to evolve and sense what you had missed previously. Ego has reason to deny truth.

4) Nurture open-mindedness.
To disagree or react with distast to people rejects their ways of thinking, being and feeling. To deny or invalidate views other than yours is to close yourself off from layers of truth. To disavow truth is to create waves of energy in form of drama. To accept alternative or co-existent realities, is to concede something other that what you currently experience is connected to the physical world.

5) Recognize the impact of density.
Humans are light energy beings. The nature of thoughts and feelings influences if one experiences a lightness of being or, a heavier sense of existence. Drama weighs heavy on the mind. To be unwilling to adjust or change prolongs emotional storms. You exist as you are to learn to release energy and restore other energy inside.

6) Reframe where this is leading.
Discomfort evokes stress, conflict or striking realism. Yet, more is happening than you consciously register. Many human beings do not realize they acknowledge drama, explore cause and perpetuate it as part of a process to get beyond it. Thoughts of anger, hostility or revenge imply you misunderstand karmic lessons. As you deliberately take responsibility for conditions and choose to evolve, you gain the insight required to transcend drama.