Sunday, March 22, 2009

Turn up Your Energy Levels and Start to Radiate

By George Lockett

We are now living in a time
where the energy of consciousness
is starting to glow and radiate all around us

Each human is becoming the source
of their own radiant being
Take your awareness within
and choose to start to glow and radiate.

You can feel this field of energy
all around you without any effort

Know that as this energy increases
around and within you
Your radiance and divinity
start to glow from within.

Your natural beauty is shining from within.

All stress in your life is starting to drop away;
as we let go of our attachment to our environment
and the things in our life that no longer serve us well~

Start to consciously become aware of your breathing,
feel the life force entering you body as you breathe.

Use your imagination to create your dream
and realize your passion,
follow your hearts desire to realize your true nature

Know that your higher Self
is connected to the whole Universe.

Take your awareness within,
connect with that higher Self,
use your feelings and your passion to guide you.

Fill yourself with your own self-love;
use your awareness to know yourself
and appreciate that you are one with everything.

I am that I am.

Recreate your Self anew in the moment of Now.

There is no limit to this process
except the limits you set for yourself
Expand these limits and change your beliefs
so that you feel comfortable with your Self.

Be happy by yourself,
this is a time for self-sufficiency.

Make up each day anew.

Change your routine each day,
flow you energy in new ways.

Change you mind about things,
which bring you pain.

Change you beliefs and your judgements
about things in your life.

Alter you perspective.

Let synchrony into your life.

Feel the whole of your environment
coming in tune with you
See the things you desire in your life
flowing to you naturally.

Open out your boundaries
and flow your energy freely,
see all that you need is already there.

Your desires are fulfilled before the need is created;
see the synchrony bringing
all you could ever want to you
in an effortless way
Use the spirit guides to give wings to your dreams.

Ask the spirit guides to help you expand who you are
and your influence in the Universe.

Be that what you wish to create in the world naturally;
go within yourself and create in your heart the dreams,
which you would like to see in your environment.

Let go of the old and create the new with joy and fulfilment.

Progress is made through change;
start to be the source of your own change