Friday, December 18, 2009

Shift into Higher Consciousness


Be aware that you as a spiritual being
helped create the conditions that are resulting
in a change into a higher consciousness
and faster vibration of our whole world.
Like most changes,
many feel like they are being forced upon us
before we are ready or motivated to change.
This is no different.
Take responsibility,​.​.​.​.​​​ smile and flow with these changes.
Our third DNA strand is now forming in most of us
and the veil between conscious awareness levels
is dissolving.
Many things that you could once eat and drink
will no longer feel or taste good to you.
As every cell in your body changes,
there may be unusual aches and pains.
Old habits and attitudes that don't fit in this new vibration
must drop away or they will be ripped away
from those who will ascend.
Love is the only thing that will remain.
Anything that is not of love will pass away
or shift into another space and time
where that soul will continue its third dimensional lessons.


Practice opening your heart with children,
plants and animals, then graduate to adults.
Do this until you finally feel that your heart is fully open
Fear, anger, intimidation and many other feelings
will occasionally close your heart again.
Be aware of this and open it up in a loving and trusting way
as soon as you feel comfortable doing so.


This must become as easy as breathing.
The age of innocence is over.
Self-responsibility is an absolute necessity
Practice by asking where the best parking place
is then add things every day until you are guided 24/7
by your inner knowingness.


It is always important to express gratitude
to everything and everyone for everything.
Water is conscious and until the time that Mother Earth
is completely healed again,
blessing all that you eat and drink
with the intent that it will never harm you
and that your body will benefit from it
in some way may save your life.
I hold my hands over the food and/or water
then say the following statement:
"I thank all who were a part of bringing
this wonderful meal to me
and I now bring it to our
(all of my cells and me as soul) vibration."
Anything that is of your vibration cannot hurt you.


Water is conscious and our bodies are 78% water
. Speak to all water and bless it.
Say, "Good life."
Ask it what you can do to help all waters heal.
Bless every breath you take
- automatically of course, with your intent -
and actively daydream of a time
when Mother Earth is totally healed again.

With so many changes happening
it will be easy to fall into fear
and become spiritually unbalanced.
A great technique is to control your breathing
by counting to five while inhaling,
holding that breath for the same count of five,
exhaling for a count of five,
then holding that exhale for five.
When the five count becomes easy and relaxed,
change to a six count, then seven and so on
until you reach a ten count for each stage.
This will also help you get to sleep easier
and to relax to a meditative state without much mind activity.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's that time of year for Seasonal Mood Disorder

by Dr Mercola

You Can Use Simple Light Rays to Enhance Your Health
Without getting into any complicated physics, light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. On one end of the spectrum, we have UV or ultraviolet light at 280 to 400 nm (a nanometer is a millionth of a millimeter).

In the middle, we have what is known as the visible light spectrum at about 400 to 700 nm. The visible light spectrum contains colors that range from violet to blue to green to yellow to orange to red.

Red light is quite important for health reasons, as you'll soon see.

And on the right side of the electromagnetic spectrum, we have infrared light. These invisible rays of natural sunlight have a longer wavelength.

I'm sure you've heard about health benefits from ultraviolet light (I'll review them for you shortly).

However, you can also...

Tap the Power of Infrared Light to Increase Circulation and Relieve Minor Pain and Stiffness
You may also have heard infrared referred to by its other name -- radiant heat. Any kind of heat you can feel from a distance has been transported by infrared rays.

It doesn't matter if it is heat from the sun, from a stove, a light bulb, or even another person.

Infrared is quite different from ultraviolet light. It's a form of energy that heats objects directly. This process is called conversion. One reason it's different is because it doesn't have to heat the air in between the heat source and the object.

Without going into the more complicated aspects of physics, infrared is able to penetrate more deeply than other parts of the light spectrum (to a depth of about 1.2 to 1.6 inches) -- and stimulate your body cells.

Now, when light interacts with tissue (or any material), you can think of it as containing those little energy packets called photons. And your skin has the ability to take these photons of infrared light from the sun or from other sources, and use them to stimulate cellular regeneration.

You probably aren't aware that infrared light raises your white blood cell count, improves your cell growth, or causes DNA or protein synthesis in your cells.

However, I imagine you do find it interesting that infrared light in this range from 700-2000 nm has been known to:

Produce temporary relief of muscular pain and spasm...
Relieve your mild and occasional joint aches and stiffness...
Provide a comforting feeling of penetrating warmth...
Stimulate your blood flow and circulation...
Invigorate your metabolism...
And much more...
Have you ever noticed that sometimes, just lying out in the sun's warmth makes you feel a bit better? Well...

Using Infrared Light to Enhance Wellness is Not New
In fact, your own palms emit infrared energy at between 8-14 microns.

The Chinese have practiced traditional palm healing for 3,000 years based on the properties of these natural infrared rays. Both Chi Gong masters and the Yogis in India have used palm healing. In some cultures and religious rituals, this is known as 'healing by the laying on of hands'.

With today's advancing technology there are much more advanced methods of producing infrared rays.

Infrared Light Rays have Brought Temporary
Pain and Stiffness Relief to Millions
You can get some infrared energy from the sun itself.

However, there are other ways to receive infrared light rays. These range from simple inexpensive hand-held gizmos and heating pads that produce a few infrared rays to expensive 'chi machines', infrared LED light devices, even infrared saunas.

I've tried a few of these myself. And as you can imagine, the quality and effectiveness varies greatly. However, millions of people have used these devices to achieve comforting heat and some measure of temporary relief from pain and stiffness.

But there's more. Infrared is only one of the 3 types of light with health-enhancing effects.

What about those Health Benefits from Ultraviolet Light?
If you've spent any time on my site, you're probably aware of the importance of ultraviolet or UV light to your health.

The sun's UVB rays are crucial to help your body produce vitamin D.

And when it comes to UVA, these rays not only help you produce a tan, but also naturally protect your body from sunburn and can actually help protect you from overdosing on vitamin D produced from too much UVB.

Of course, it is my strong belief that the best way to get your vitamin D is through direct and appropriate sunlight exposure on your skin. The problem is that you may not be receiving ample sunlight where you live. If you live in a colder climate, work indoors, or don't spend adequate time in the sun, you may not be generating the vitamin D you need.

In fact, your vitamin D levels may plummet more than 50% in the winter.

Aside from natural sunlight, there are 2 other practical ways to obtain the vitamin D you need.

You can use supplementation with vitamin D3.

However, if you choose to go this route, make sure you have your vitamin D levels tested regularly to make sure you do not take too much of it. You and your physician need to be aware of your vitamin D levels, so you can adjust your supplementation accordingly.

Your third alternative is to use a tanning system that utilizes UV-B rays to provide you with a way to help you naturally produce the vitamin D your body needs and receive all the benefits I have been talking about here for many years.

The reason this matters is because vitamin D provides support for:

The health of your immune system...
A healthy cardiovascular system...
Your prostate, if you are male...
Your healthy skin...
And much more than I can list here...
Plus, based on my years of study and clinical experience, it is my firm belief that avoiding the sun's UV rays can have detrimental effects on your health. In fact, I've come to believe that vitamin D deficiency is a growing epidemic.

So UV and infrared light are both beneficial to you.

In addition...

Here's the Third Type of Light that Can Help Enhance Your Health: Red Light
Another unique type of beneficial light is red light from the visible spectrum in the 633 nm wavelength.

Exposure to light in this range naturally stimulates your skin cells to produce collagen, elastin and enzymes that provide support for your skin.

As you age, collagen and elastin break down, leading to wrinkles and lines in your once-firm skin. And if you smoke or have a poor diet, this process can move faster.

Red light in this 633 nm range can not only improve the texture, hydration and tone of your skin -- it can also help give you a more youthful appearance.

Now, you've seen how important all three of these light forms are to your overall health and wellbeing

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Big thanks to Anja for sending me this:

Handel's "Messiah" is very important and should not be a piece of music consecrated strictly to Christianity because that is not what it was meant to be. Handel was involved in the greatest secret societies on the face of the earth that propagated consciousness and energy into knowledge. Handel was a musician, and a brilliant one.

Why is this particular masterpiece a masterpiece? Because he used ancient knowledge handed down to him as an initiate to put together a masterpiece using sound and divine geometry. In propagating the science of the mind, Handel put together sounds that would work geometry into a spectacular symbol. The brain itself, working off of electromagnetic fields around the body, would do the same thing, which he learned in his initiation with the societies he was involved in.

For your investigation, there are tests that were done to Handel's "Messiah" in which the vibrations of the music were run through a metal plate, with probes on the plate that would run the frequency through it. Upon this perfectly and scientifically engineered flat surface were placed metal shards. As the frequency of this masterpiece was fed through this flat surface and the shards of metal were scattered in random chaos, there was an organization coming out of the chaos, a distribution of these shards all through this masterpiece. In the last great part of Handel's "Messiah", in test after test after test, what became apparent towards the last sequence of this masterpiece was that these random shards, chaotically disturbed by frequencies from the music on the plate, created an astounding symbol, a star, the pentagram.

Jesus Christ said, "I am your bright and shining morning star." The morning star was there before the birth of Yeshua ben Joseph. He conformed to become its meaning. Christianity, in its absolute ignorance, considers this symbol a devil. This masterpiece is played at the height of their Christian celebration, yet unbeknown to them the pentagram is forming in their brain.

These are tests that are scientific in nature. They are accessible to all of you. The master of this masterpiece used the frequency of sound to create a propensity of triangles. The sound was based upon the organization of triangles, because triangles are at the heart of the cosmos, all universes, and all dimensions. It takes triangles put together to give the definition of pi in a ratio of circumference. Circles do not just become circles. They are triangles, proportionately designed equally, that when put together at their points create the circle.

Handel, a great master in his studies in his secret society, was way ahead of common composers. He knew that this life gave him a talent for the composition of music and would be his life's work and destiny to take his gift, applied with knowledge and initiation, to produce the greatest piece of music. In order to pass an initiation in a secret college, he created the "Messiah" which would undoubtedly produce a star in the brain of all who would ever hear it.

Did Handel pass his test and take his talent, his destiny in this life, and apply it to the greatest resource of truth? Yes, he did. This masterpiece stands in all time as the greatest, most touching music and attribution to God. It was exactly meant for God. Jesus Christ said, "I am your bright and shining morning star. I was born under a star." He is talking to common people, but to a specific group they understand that it is not some random star in the sky. All of you know the morning star is Venus. But he wasn't referring to Venus. He was referring to a broader context, to Point Zero. He also said, "I am the alpha and the omega. I am the beginning" ¾ the star ¾ "and I am the end." He is speaking about the God who is speaking through him. That is how powerful he knew this knowledge, and it was transformative knowledge. It was knowledge that required him as a man to girdle his loins, come up to that star - Point Zero - and live his life accordingly: "I was once the beginning. I shall be the end. I have girdled my loins. I have sought the highest revenue of the source of my being and have applied that in my life."

Yeshua is but one of many who had that same opportunity. He was born to bring that message, no matter the cost. Handel is the same kind of entity. Handel was born with a talent of words and music. The secret college would say to him, "This is your opportunity in this life. This is your greatest gift. This is your greatest genetics. This is your greatest Spirit, your greatest soul, and in that you must take your great gift and pass the standard of an initiation." Handel composed this work in a time when there was no electronic music being played. There were no probes or perfectly engineered pieces of metal in which sound could travel invisibly over wires without the absolute apparentness of an orchestra that would affect shards of metal and organize that chaos into meaning. He did it when none of this electronic equipment was around.

Handel was indeed a master who created a masterful work. Only in recent technology and science has it been found and put to the test that it cannot be coincidence that his music can organize a thousand shards of metal thrown randomly into a specific symbol without any human hand. The symbol is the pentagram. Handel produced a piece of music that will be played for centuries to come and appreciated even more for the insightful, spiritual, brilliant being that he was. He took his science and talent and left a legacy.

Handel went by another name in his secret college. Creating this music was his initiation. This is a man who passed a test to bring about the extraordinary in his talent. In his initiation, Handel's legacy was to have this completed in one year. He passed the initiation. From his time he has reached our time. His music stands as a symbol of the high holidays. The high holidays represent the highest form of life, a time when we are asked and indeed allowed to live to our greatest accomplishment. The high holidays ring of an ancient truth that were set into being before the foundations of the world were laid.

Excerpt adapted from: Ramtha, I Am Your Bright and Shining Morning Star. Christmas Evening with Ramtha. Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, December 8, 2000.

Copyright © 2008 JZ Knight

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All Life Depends on the Oceans

~ David Suzuki and Faisal Moola, of the David Suzki Foundation

It's often said that we know as much about Mars and the moon as we do about our oceans. Considering that Earth is 71 per cent ocean, this should be cause for concern. At the very least, we should be doing more to protect our oceans from the negative effects of human activities, even if we don't fully understand all that is happening under the seas.

One thing we do know is that oceans are changing - and the changes aren't for the best. For centuries, we've thought of our oceans as stable. But ocean currents, upwellings, oxygen levels, acidity, and temperature are changing in ways we haven't seen before. Assumptions we once held about the seas are no longer valid.

We've always assumed that oceans would provide us with an endless bounty of food. We rely on our oceans for transportation,.... recreation, and numerous resources. And oceans provide almost half the oxygen we breathe.

The collapse of Canada's Atlantic cod stocks was just one of many warnings we should have heeded. Many West Coast salmon stocks have also disappeared and many are returning in increasingly lower numbers. Even the survival of the very base of the marine food chain, plankton, is being threatened.

Some threats to our oceans are easier to pinpoint than others. Swirling masses of plastic garbage in the oceans - one of them in the North Pacific estimated to be bigger than Quebec - are obvious artifacts of our disposable societies. "Dead zones" are showing up in our oceans around the globe. These are areas where oceans are starved of oxygen because of a nitrogen overdose from agricultural runoff.

Many fish stocks are dwindling, in part because of our appetite for seafood. This is spurring more development in aquaculture - but most fish-farming practices are putting added pressure on oceans and wild fish.

On top of the many direct threats to ocean health we also have climate change to contend with. We know that global warming is causing the oceans to become more acidic. This is a worrisome trend.

As with our atmosphere, too much carbon is resulting in dangerous effects. Carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis,.... which is how plants grow and develop. But when we burn fossil fuels or clear-cut forests, we release too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, upsetting the balance. This creates a heat-trapping blanket around the Earth, which contributes to global warming.

The oceans absorb carbon dioxide, keeping some of it from the atmosphere. But while oceans help slow the pace of global warming, they too are absorbing too much carbon dioxide, resulting in disruption of the ocean's pH balance. This increasing acidity causes calcium carbonate to dissolve, affecting life forms including corals, shellfish, and several species of plankton that rely on calcium for their very structure.

Science is confirming that our old assumptions are no longer valid, and we find ourselves in a situation of escalating risk. As a result, we need to look at our oceans in an entirely new way. We can't continue to exploit ocean resources on false assumptions. We need to know more about what's going on. That means investing in science that will help explain the interactions between changing ocean conditions and the species that depend on the seas.

We need a new way to manage our oceans in the face of uncertainty and elevated risk facing marine life. A comprehensive marine-....planning initiative that considers new and evolving science and the evidence of what is actually happening to marine ecosystems would be a good start. This process must be based on a precautionary approach that recognizes increased uncertainty and the fact that our oceans will continue to change as global warming and other human-induced factors continue to affect them.

We can't rely on governments alone to protect the health of our oceans. Industry, nongovernmental.... organizations, First Nations, coastal communities, and governments at all levels must come together to plan and monitor conservation efforts based on science and local community knowledge.

After all, one thing we've learned about Mars and the moon is that we can't move there if we destroy our home on this beautiful and generous planet - in part because they don't have oceans. Neglecting the health of our oceans, where all known life began, is a risk we cannot afford to take.

David Suzuki is a scientist, broadcaster, author, and chair of the David Suzuki Foundation.
Faisal Moola is the director of science at the foundation.

Published by the CBC News, Wednesday, November 11, 2009 | 12:47 PM ET

Monday, November 16, 2009

Earthship Biotecture

Earthships can be built in any climate,
anywhere in the world.
Earthships will keep you comfortable in any climate in the world with little to no utility bills / fossil fuels.

The following can help youunderstand the Earthship concept and how to proceed with it...

Make sure you understand what makes an Earthship an Earthship.

An Earthship is defined by the following 6 principles:

* Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling
* Solar & Wind Electricity
* Contained Sewage Treatment
* Building with Natural & Recycled Materials
* Water Harvesting
* Food Production

Comfort in Any Climate
The concept of thermal mass buildings works both to cool and to heat a home. Earthships keepyou comfortable in any climate, anywhere in the world.

Earthship Biotecture design principle: 'Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling' details how earthships maintain comfortable temperatures in any climate.

Earthship Biotecture on CBS. 10/9/08

The Universal Music System (patent pending)

Our minds develop from the information we gain through our senses. Since our sense use the natural language, then the development of our mind is dependent upon the natural language. Our perception and interpretation of all things is based on the natural language. The goal of metaphysics is to knowledgeably unify the developments in our mind, with the natural structures of our senses, and the natural structures found in the physical universe. We then have a clear path to follow. If we want to truly understand these connections we will need to do more than simply think about the relationships - we will need to experience them. This is where music metaphysics shines. The study of the metaphysics of music allows the individual to physically experience the natural structures of the natural language and gain new insights and meaning.
The most fundamental element of music metaphysics is its language. The proper music language must perfectly describe the natural language found in our senses and in our sensory developed minds. It must be properly tuned to the natural structures upon which the material and spiritual world are formed. If the language is not so tuned, the metaphysic experience will be greatly diminished for, although we may be able to appreciate music, we will not be able to understand it, and we will not be able to receive the full mind, body, spirit effect.
The first step in developing the natural music language is to understand that music is a system of sound frequencies which are fundamentally described by numbers. If we hit a piano key, the key moves a lever which hits a string inside the piano. The string vibrates at a fundamental frequency we might arbitrarily call 1. As it naturally vibrates it naturally produces a frequency we would then call 2. If the first note we played was called ‘C’, then the frequency we called 2 will also be called ‘C’. This is a first principle of the music language called identity. Each multiple of 2 is recognized as an identity of the fundamental 1. So, in order to properly identify this property of identity, we form a musical staff and a keyboard that reflects this property of identity. On the staff we mark octaves as octave 1, octave 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on. Next to the octave number, we can place a design with a short line running through it to identify an octave note. Since we perceive each octave as a perceptually equal step, then we separate the octaves by visually equal amounts.
The next step is to identify the natural musical tones. It turns out that the natural language defines unique musical tones by multiples of the number 3. If we begin with 1 and continue to multiply by 3’s we will generate 12 unique tones before we repeat the first tone at the 12th multiple of 3. Thus there are 12 fundamental tones.
How are we going to identify the 12 fundamental tones? We could identify them by number, but numbers easily get complex and unwieldy, and do not transmit as much information as we would like. We could identify them by their structural order, but what order? Since we are trying to come up with some visual means of identification, then the most fundamental and natural language device we could use will be the language of our sight. Our natural visual language is the language of color. The fundamental relationship between color and musical notes is the relationship between consecutive colors and multiples of 3.

In one single step, by using the 12 fundamental colors to represent the 12 fundamental musical notes and the 12 fundamental numbers, we can instantly imbue notes with their natural recognizable meaning. For example, if you see the note identifications A and E, can you naturally understand anything about them? But if you see the note yellow-orange and yellow, you instantly understand that they are closely related notes because they are also closely related colors. In the same way, if you see the notes yellow and violet, you will instantly recognize that they are distantly related colors. And this is just the beginning. With just a little more knowledge of color and color relationships, the entire system of music opens up to us like a blooming flower. We call this opening vision a crystalization because the natural structures of the universe crystalize to perfection before our very eyes.
The next step is to understand the natural harmonic development of color. Clearly frequencies or numbers do not develop simply by multiples of 3. In other words, before we count the numbers 1, 3, 9, 27, 81, ...., we count the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, .... It turns out that the natural harmonic pattern of color, called the chromatic color circle, is a series of alternating colors.
In the chromatic color pattern, consecutive notes are distantly related. What is then needed is some kind of visual pattern that identifies this distant relationship. The most fundamental visual definition of opposites is black and white. Therefore, we will identify consecutive chromatic colors by a black and white grid pattern. Of course octaves still need to be identified so one of the black segments is converted to gray.

Using the black and white pattern, it is now possible to design a notation grid that perfectly corresponds to the natural chromatic pattern. Each of the 12 fundamental chromatic notes has a uniquely placed white space or black line. The reference octave note has a short line through it to emulate the gray grid position. Each of the 12 fundamental chromatic notes has a unique color to properly identify it.

Because of the perfect correspondence between the keyboard, the musical staff, and the natural language, the keyboard and staff system are the perfect system to learn about music metaphysics, or about music generally. Although we will not go into details here, we can discuss some of the general principles of this natural system and its implications.
One of the most fundamental applications of color is musical key. Natural groupings of consecutive colors form natural groupings of musical notes into keys. This property allows the metaphysical student access to much greater insight into the structure and relationships of musical key (see essay on musical key). Although not historically understood, it is the properties of color that composers use to create music. Simply put, the more we understand color, the more we understand music structures and by extension the natural language.
The black and white grid pattern is all about symmetry. Unlike traditional music systems, in this natural system a musical key will have the same pattern no matter which note it starts with. For example, the major musical scale will always be either 3 black keys followed by 4 white keys, or 3 white keys followed by 4 black keys (the gray key is associated with the black keys). Once you have this pattern it is a simple process to run the pattern through the many inversions and mirror images that naturally occur within the natural language and within our physical and spiritual self (see the scale ring below).
Finally, the system design incorporates principles of energy flow which we call color current or music current. Well designed musical compositions have intuitively applied cycles of current which we can easily feel as energy flowing through our bodies. The natural music system incorporates the natural energy flow within its design so that it becomes much easier to understand and knowledgeably use.
When all of these principles and many more, discovered by studying music metaphysics, are incorporated into our lives, we enter a level of understanding and experience that far surpasses what has previously been available to us. The study of music metaphysics is literally the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe.

Musical Key

The use of the word key is not arbitrary. Key means a device that unlocks secrets or makes the inaccessible become accessible. Musical key is the highest level of natural language organization and, when understood, gives the greatest insight into how and why the universe works so perfectly.
One of the most profound uses of musical key is to describe and mark the passing of time. Musical keys and colors were used prominently in ancient cultures for the ritual of timekeeping. It gave individuals the ability to feel and understand the natural differences between hours, days, months, seasons and years.
But time keeping is only the tip of the iceberg. The natural rhythms of time really describe the natural vibrations of our solar system, our planet, our society, our family, and ourselves. They define the very nature of the astrological signs and their meaning and system of relationships. The system of musical notes and musical keys helps us understand these natural rhythms and their system of relationships.
The simplest explanation of musical key comes from the color circle. Any circle is a wave, and with any wave, we can only perceive half of the wave at any given time. Otherwise we experience a phenomenon called destructive interference. When we consider half of a 12 tone color circle, we find that it is composed of 7 consecutive colortones which form the tones of the fundamental musical keys. For example, the key of E Major contains the scale A, E, B, F sharp, C sharp, G sharp, and D sharp.

Some examples of the historical and natural use of the 7 key tones are the formation of the 7 day week, and the use of the musical scale ring composed of 4 keys or 28 days to mark the woman’s menstrual cycle and the orbital period of the moon (272 days). At an advanced level, each 28 day cycle represents one color, and in a years time, 13 such cycles occur which means that each new year begins with a new color, and after 12 years, the color cycle repeats.
Musical key and its properties affect relationships. If you are born in a yellow month, you will have particular relationships with individuals in other months as defined by the harmonic key system. The greater knowledge one has of this key system, the more capable they will be at bridging the natural gaps between themselves and other individuals. And, in a general way, the more capable they will be at experiencing the fullness of each month and season.
In ancient times the study of musical keys was paramount. Entire societies would tie themselves to a specific tone and the specific organization of keys emanating from that tone. Thus everyone in the society would be in tune with the fundamental societal vibration. And, of course, the societal vibration would be in tune with their place in the material and spiritual universe.

The scale ring

One of the fundamental organizations of music takes place in the alpha wave, a foundation structure in the building of the material universe. Within the alpha wave, several groupings of four keys exist which we call scale rings. The purpose of the scale ring is to provide a path for energy to flow in and between the four sections of the alpha wave. In general, according to ancient sources, the scale ring property is meant to define the life cycle (birth, living, dying, and death), the daily cycle (morning, afternoon, evening, and night), and the seasons of the year (spring, summer, fall, and winter). In the menstrual cycle, it represents the birth of the egg, the life of the egg, the dying of the egg, and the death/disposal of the egg.
The primary scale ring is composed of an overtone major scale, an overtone minor scale, an undertone major scale, and an undertone minor scale, each composed of the same set of 7 notes, arranged in different order. For example, if the C overtone Major key is defined as the birth, then the A overtone Minor key is defined as the living, the E undertone Major key is defined as the dying, and the G undertone Minor key is defined as the death. So that you can understand the nature of the life cycle bound in this grouping of keys, we have transformed the song “Good Morning Merry Sunshine” into the four keys of the scale ring. The song begins in the key of C overtone Major, cycles through the four keys, and then ends by returning to the key of C overtone Major. What you should be listening for are not only the changes between consecutive keys, but between the first two overtone keys, compared to the second two undertone keys, and the perceived tension of the fourth key (the death key).

The Unification Key

In ancient China, a foundation tone was established to represent the vibration of the entire nation. This tone, referred to as the huang chung (literally translated as ‘yellow bell’), was considered to be the audible vibration of the cosmic energy, matter, and spirit. The vibration of the yellow bell was the foundation of Chinese music and was used to create resonance between individuals and the cosmos in a variety of ways. It is not known how the sound frequency of the yellow bell was determined but what is important is the measurable effect which it created for individuals within Chinese society. These effects are easily obtainable today through an understanding of the natural language and its application in music. For example, everyone has a specific vibration and color by which they are defined. Through music metaphysics, an individual can create music in the form of songs or meaningful patterns which are in resonance with the individuals vibration and color. One such example is the ability to create a key of tones where every tone of the key is the same color and the tonic of the key corresponds to the individuals vibration.
The unification key is founded on a fundamental principle of the universe which we might easily describe by the terms male and female. From the very beginning, and throughout the long journey of creation, male and female principles are united to form stability and greater complexity. At our advanced level of creation, our physical, mental, and spiritual beings are also composed of male and female sides, and the unification key is one way to unite these two halves into a single perfect entity.
The principle of the unification key begins with the fact that there exists two sets of 12 colors, one being male, and the other female. If we begin with the female colors we can find the male colors by looking at the exact center between each of the 12 female colors. For example, the exact center between the female yellow and the female red-violet, is the male blue-green-blue. The color or tone range between tones such as C and C# is called the microtone range and represents the synthesis or union of the male and female colors.

The natural division of the microtone range is by 7 microcolor steps. This division clearly identifies one of the sexes and only indirectly identifies the opposite sex which means that it keeps the sexual identity intact while allowing the two systems
to interact or bond.

Using the seven step microcolor range between consecutive chromatic tones, a series of same color tones can be identified. Starting with the female E (yellow) tone, a total of seven yellow tones are identified before they repeat at the octave or replicate of the female E tone. These seven tones form the yellow microtone key or the yellow male:female key, or the yellow unification key.
The unification key allows us to transcend our normal patterns of operation as either male or female, and experience the unity of the universe. This is not an asexual experience but a true union of being that opens inner doors that might otherwise be difficult to find and pass through.
At a much deeper level, this key provides a means of following paths of energy that naturally transit back and forth between the male and female sides of the universe. The ancients described such motion as riding the light.

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Music Metaphysics

Metaphysics, as Aristotle asserted, is founded on the belief that there is a supreme science, wisdom, philosophy, or theology which seeks to explain the origin, nature, and structure of being and the material universe. Within the universe there are three natural languages which perfectly describe the supreme science - music, color, and numbers. Music Metaphysics is the study of these natural languages through the medium of music which enables one to explore, understand, and tangibly experience ideas of science, wisdom, philosophy, and theology while enjoying the affections that music provides.

The study of music metaphysics is achieved through a variety of resources. These include; musical instruments, notation systems, and songbooks which implement the combined languages of color, number, and sound; and a working knowledge of the various elements of music which are revealed by the natural language. Through study, the individual will learn that the structures which underlie music composition are the same structures that are found within ourselves and our environment. This knowledge allows the individual to musically create and mimic these natural structures which provides understanding as well as an intimate interconnection, attunement, and resonation with natures life force.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Reality Shift

by Sandra Sayahda Viola

How many times have you wanted to change something
in your life but no matter how hard you tried you always
fell back into old patterns? We always start out with good
intentions but in the end our old beliefs and habits return.
This can be very frustrating. The more we try and fail the
more insecurity sets in. Insecurity paralyzes our creative
process and limits our true capabilities. How can we change
our reality if we are unable to break out of old habits?

As we grow older our brain becomes hardwired and fixed
on specific thoughts and ideas. These thoughts and ideas
represent our experiences both past and present. The brain
holds onto those fixed thoughts. It's difficult to rewire our
brain to accept new ideas because the brain likes
repetition. We can continue to use new affirmations
and hope the brain will eventually accept them. If an
idea has been present in your life for a very long time
don't expect the brain to release that idea quickly without
changing other things in your life first.

In order to change thoughts, habits or patterns, we need
to change the environment that houses that old energy.
The idea of change means we are going to do something
differently. New creations need a "new" support system.
Bringing new ideas or situations into an old environment
doesn't work. Our personal environment needs to undergo
a change to compliment what we are trying to create.

The simple act of removing or adding something in
your personal environment sets the stage for change.
The more you add or subtract objects in your environment
the more you enable the changes you are trying to attain.
All objects hold energy to a larger or lesser degree.
The bigger the object is doesn't necessarily mean the
more energy it holds. When you are adding or subtracting
objects pay attention to its color as well as the objects
shape as all of these things influence the result.

Adding an object that wasn't there before changes the
energy of that particular space. The same is true of
taking something out of that space. As different energy
begins to filter into your environment old ideas and
patterns no longer have the support system they once
did. Without the old support system the brain must
update its data as it unplugs itself from the old.
This process allows new ideas and thoughts to enter.
When your environment is stagnate change cannot occur.

Update, rearrange and modify your personal environment
before you implement change through your thoughts and
ideas. In this way you will find that changing your reality
will be easier and more creative.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Following Your Intuition

by Stefanie Miller

How many times have we kicked ourselves for not following our intuition?! Much of the time we receive divine guidance but we discount it or allow logic or doubt to prevent us from listening to and acting upon our intuition. We are becoming more and more sensitive and our intuition is opening up to heightened levels of awareness. All we need to do is quiet our thoughts, slow down our bodies and pay attention. When we are in a balanced state, we possess the ability to connect with the energy around us and make choices and decisions that honor our highest good.

Many times we pray and ask for guidance, yet we are so preoccupied and scattered that when the guidance arrives we don't notice it. Prayer is talking to God, while meditation is listening. I don't believe that it is necessary to have a daily meditation practice in order to receive guidance, however, it is beneficial in connecting with your Higher Self and Source. The most important thing is honoring your divinity and needs.

When we are stressed out and anxiety ridden we are not in a balanced state to receive the guidance. If we are so busy focusing on the problem and worrying we are not allowing the solution to present itself. Many times we are so preoccupied trying to figure out how to solve it and when the answer is going to arrive that we actually miss receiving it when it does come!

We are in a time where we are being pushed to our very limits. Challenges are coming from every which direction. It is in our best interest to stay in a peaceful, trusting state in order that we are not bombarded by the harsh energies that are surrounding it.

The best way to handle the challenges is by staying present (not fixating about what we could have done differently to prevent whatever from happening or worrying about how we can resolve it). Next, asking for guidance and assistance from the higher realms. God and the Angels cannot intercede on our behalf without our permission, since this is a planet of free choice, therefore, we must ask for assistance and guidance. Then, letting go of the outcome and our expectations of what the solution should look like and what it could be. We cannot force it, rush it or control the outcome. Finally, and most importantly, trusting and having faith is essential.

We are truly loved and protected. What is happening is for our highest good and the issues we are facing are assisting us in resolving situations that have limited us up until this point.

When we are in the divine flow, taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, being mindful of our choices and what we are doing, and remaining present in our lives (rather than being haphazard, distracted and overdoing things) we can be aware of the signs of which direction is best for us to go in. Many times we ask for guidance but we are so distracted that when the guidance or solution arrives we don't notice it because we are spreading ourselves so thin.

Making a daily practice of quiet times is imperative in quieting our thoughts and relaxing our bodies. Meditation is a very important practice. Many of us have a hard time quieting our mind and relaxing in order to meditate. Taking a walk, yoga, jogging, or some type of light exercise can be helpful. Playing peaceful music, lightening a candle and just sitting quietly can be really beneficial. Even if it is a time without the TV or background noise (telephone on silence) when you can tune in and connect while you make dinner or do simple chores. However, you can incorporate a daily practice of mindfulness is something that you will grow to crave and come to depend upon.

We are all born intuitive; it is our God given gift. We are all One with Source and none of us are more special than the other. We are all connected and each deserves guidance. Some of us were discouraged from accepting our gifts and other times we sabotaged ourselves into allowing our mind to tell us it is not logical, or doubting our own intuition.

Fear is the biggest obstacle from listening to and following our intuition. We get so caught up in the what ifs and the worse case scenarios that it can become paralyzing. Fear limits us into not trusting, believing God has forgotten about us and we lose faith in life. Fear has a way of blocking things from flowing so that there is no possibility that the answers can appear. We become frightened of making the wrong choice that we choose nothing at all, forfeiting our right to choose, thus we are left with whatever is chosen for us. Once we let go of the fear, we navigate to where the possibilities reside.

When we are trusting that everything will work out in its own way and time it DOES. Little clues appear that put you in touch with the right person, place, situation that ushers you along in the direction you are meant to go in. All it takes is following the energy that feels good and right and you are gently and easily guided on your merry way. Trust me, it really works that way, and it really IS that easy.

Serendipity and synchronicities happen when new people and opportunities appear in our life or someone from our past returns. When we are open, they guide us to our connections. One thing leads to another as events and people play out. All it requires is that we are aware of the purpose that others play in our life and follow our guidance.

Intuition is the gut feeling we get in our stomach. It is the strong feeling we receive telling us to do something or to stay away from doing something else. We KNOW what is right or wrong for us. We hold the answers within us. Somewhere along the way many of us gave our power away to others. Perhaps by turning to others for answers and discounting our own knowingness. Perhaps we grew up in families where we were told what to do, how to do it and were not encouraged to think and feel for ourselves. Other times we've had bad experiences and began to doubt or mistrust our own judgment and intuition.

There have been times I felt strongly I should do something and it turned out badly and I wondered why I didn't get the signal to make a different choice. Other times I knew I shouldn't do something and did it anyway, when inevitably, it turned out wrong I kicked myself for not following my gut feeling. Either way, the guidance was not wrong because I grew from the experience and it showed me something about myself and life.

Ultimately there are no wrong decisions because we are on path of experience. Either way we are experiencing love and loss, joy and pain, happiness and sorrow. Just being able to FEEL and experience life is what it is all about. I cannot be filled with regret for the many opportunities I have had to make love, feel love and experience love. Sometimes it has lead to pain and loss, but even in the worst experiences it has been laced with things I would never trade for anything in the world.

Learning to trust ourselves is the most important lesson. Knowing that we hold the answers and can overcome any limitation or obstacle we are facing. Look back to a year ago from today, or two or three years ago. See how far you’ve come? Think of the problems you were facing back then. Realize the solutions came and things worked out in the end.

A year ago today I was facing a really big nut to crack. I had no idea how I was going to handle it. It seemed insurmountable and there didn't seem a way of resolving it. Fear blinded me. Once I let go of the problem and came into a place of peace and trust the solution arrived. It took an entire year to solve the issue but it is done. I know as we review the issues in our life we can see how things miraculously worked out once we allowed.

Sometimes life brings us to our knees. We hold on, and hold on until all we can do is let go and let things be. I don't know why we have to allow things to go so far as to the point where we are screaming "mercy" but you know how humans can be, we need to be in control. During this profound, intense time of change and growth for all of its inhabitants, as life has us on our knees calling mercy, believe it or not, it is an oh so sacred experience. We are being prepared for great things.

We are learning to trust our instincts, our intuition, to connect with Source, to connect to our fellow humans, we are learning to open our hearts and allow tenderness in. We are learning to stand up for our needs, respect and trust ourselves and others, and have faith; we are seeing the beauty in the simple things and experiencing our feelings. We are finding that we need less and have far more than we thought we did. This is what this time is all about.

Following your intuition is about letting life in...trusting yourself and the process of life. Knowing that there are no mistakes, just experiences. Knowing that only you know what is best for you. Turning inward when you have a decision to make and listening to what you body tells you, trusting your feelings and being in the divine flow of life to see where you are guided.

Return to the Breath

This exercise may help you gain awareness of the natural rhythms of the body. Awareness of the body will help you to concentrate on the present moment. The aim of this exercise is to pay attention to the air as it passes through your nostrils. Do not try to control your breathing or to deepen it. Just let it come and go naturally. Concentrate on the sensation of air passing through your nostrils. If you find your mind has wandered, bring it back to the sensation in your nostrils. If you practice this for five minutes, it will have a calming effect. You can return to this practice when you are stressed and tense.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Frequency Effects Matter

Most of humanity does not even think about this. There is an attitude of "What you don't see or don't know about, won't affect you."

These matrixes of electronic frequencies are always affecting the physical body, the mental state of mind. These electronic frequencies are addictive and hypnotizing to your personal energy field. These man made electronic frequencies hold a certain mindset in place. Be aware of these discordant frequencies and the matrix that they create. It is important for you and others to stay anchored, stable, and firm in your own personal energy field and matrix. You will be less affected by discordant frequencies.

The solar flares, the galactic bursts of energy are surging through this shield of hypnotizing electronic frequencies, activating certain aspects of the DNA codes. These cosmic energy thrusts are a wake up call to humanity. The earth's magnetic field holds the higher integrity of the hologame in place. This is being overridden by the electronic fields.

Humanity is receiving the highest support from the consciousness of the cosmos and celestial beings, individuals are waking up to their magnificence, their divine star connection. This is a clip from a David Icke Documentary called "Freedom Road". This video is PUBLIC DOMAIN. Share it freely. Tiny particles of sand are strewn on a smooth disk and subjected to vibrations being passed into the surface, they immediately begin to take form and arrange into a multitude of geometrically perfect designs. Some variations of these vibrations create known geometric patterns such as hexagons (honeycombs), pentagrams, crosses, spirals, and many other infinite combinations. The amazing patterns found on animals and insect wings are easily explained in this simple experiment. Sound and vibration give birth to form. In one particular vibratory sequence, opposite oscillations were resonated though the disk - the sand particles then condensed upon other, rolling into spheres, and then the smaller of the spheres began to revolve around the larger spheres. This is the portrait of our universe. Zoom into our cellular and atomic structure and it is found there as well. Interesting............... This is a small clip from David Icke's Freedom Road. Download the complete video at

You create a cohesion field when you maintain a strong energy field of love, joy and appreciation. When you vibrate these high coherent frequencies you will not be affected by the bombardment of the planetary electronic grid. Be in your joy, and swim, flow and stream with the energy from the stars.

Earth is a sea of vibrations and frequencies. Mankind is skilled in creating and inventing devices in which there is an energy frequency and vibration. These waves of energy are always moving through you.

Imagine for a moment all the electrical devices in just your home alone - every light and lamp, the phone systems, all the kitchen appliances. Each device gives off a certain frequency. The television is one of the major contributors of discordant frequencies. Most people are not aware of these frequencies. They have tuned them out; their energy field has adjusted and learned to live with them.

This planet is woven with electronic frequencies. If you had the vision to see the strands of energy connecting all the power lines, electrical devices, cell phones, televisions and microwaves, you would be amazed at how tightly woven this energetic matrix truly is. It surrounds your planet in an energetic grid of discordant frequencies.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Principles of Light

By James Clair Lewis

The Most Infinite & Transcendental separated itself into uncountable tiny parts, which fell into the illusions of separation & darkness. Each of us is God's Dream. Don't let that Dream become a nightmare....

I've found that literal interpretations of scriptures, lead to nonsense. Only from the context of Mystical experience can one make sense out of them. The qualities of serenity, compassion, humility, & wisdom proceed from an inner Realization, and otherwise, it really doesn't matter, what you believe or think. Scriptures are like a pointing finger. The question is, are you going to stare at the finger, or are you going to investigate what the finger is pointing at?

An Atheist once said to me, "If your life is to have any value, then you must put it there." I like that a lot. It didn't bother me a bit that he didn't believe in God, because it was obvious, through his conduct in life, that he was much closer to God, than most people who do believe. And in that, you will find the context of what really matters. When people live in serenity, and practice compassion & love in the conduct of their lives, they are demonstrating the Essence that inspired religions in the first place. And that is certainly more fundamental than any scriptures.

Time spent in anger, is time you cannot spend in love. Time spent in sorrow, is time you cannot spend in joy. Time spent in destroying, is time you cannot spend creating. Time spent in learning, is time you cannot spend being foolish. Time spent in healing, creates time you can spend in health. Time spent in meditation, enables you to see clearly enough, so that you will not waste any time.

On the Spirtitual Plane everyone knows what the Truth is. However, the more disconnected one is to their Real Self, the more one needs to justify whatever gobbledegook they have substituted for the Truth. How else can they prove to themselves that they believe whatever nonsense that they believe, than by attacking anyone who believes differently than they do? This is why Fundamentalists of any religion are always so quick to resort to violence & terrorism.

On the other hand, the more one is connected to their Real Self, the more one is prone toward tolerance & compassion. Regardless of what Spiritual Tradition to which one adheres, the closer to Enlightenment one gets on their Path, the more one will enjoy discussing the process of how to become Illuminated with people who are working towards this through other Paths. Each of the Great Traditions is stronger than the others, in some aspect of this. When we put them all together, then the Key will turn in the lock, and we will all know the Truth.

When a soul chooses to move toward the Light, the darkness that has previously, been draining their energies to sustain the darkness, must assert itself to maintain its dominion. So everything seems to fall apart in your life, nothing that you desire to accomplish seems to come into fruition, and all of your efforts appear to be fruitless. That is the appearance of things in the material world. Do not be diverted from the goal by the manefestations of appearances as circumstances. You are a part of the Eternal, and partake of the Perfection of Life. Within you exist all of the Laws of Creation. Your part is to use your human Imagination to express the creative possibilities.

We can be said to exist on four planes simultaneously. Development comes along on these four planes, the Physical, the Astral, the Mental, and the Spiritual. Things work out best when we proceed along each of these planes simultaneously. Religions offer beliefs, doctrines, and dogma. Spirituality offers experience, knowledge & wisdom. Seeking externally, people go to religion. Seeking internally, people go to Spirituality. Spiritual people find the Power within themselves, and have no need to oppress anyone. Those who do not know this, must steal from others, to fill a void that can never be satisfied. A fool thinks only of the pleasures of the moment. The wise comtemplate both the far past & the far future, and thereby see what is of real value.

The most valuable thing in the world, and also, the most elusive, is the Balance Point. It lies between not seeing what is right in front of you, and seeing things that really are not there. To find this Clear Light, you must learn to rely, only upon yourself, and the Infinite resources within you. There is a great & wonderful power within you, capable of attaining any worthy goal. Learning the Divine Laws by which the Universe operates, learning how to live in harmony with them, and how to operate them, is a great task, but it is the Key to attaining anything which is worth having. When you desire something, you must put forth the effort needed to make it happen. Getting to know the Divine within yourself, and also within everything else, is it own reward. And it is a great reward of Serenity, Compassion, Knowledge, Wisdom, & Joy. These are the things for which you should pray.

It is not about the words we use. It is about our conduct, and how much we understand. On the Astral plane, everything is a symbol. Contemplate the symbols, until you see their meanings. Then the symbols vanish, and you can experience the meanings directly, and comprehend the Essences. Never underestimate the power of imagination. When the power of imagination is released, Magickal things become possible. Your consciousness is creative, gravitating conditions into your life according to Divine Laws.

The mind likes to be in control. It likes to fill itself with all kinds of thoughts, going around & around. When you meditate, you still the mind. In meditation you deliberately ignore the flow of thought. Your consciousness takes control of the mind for a change, and you can bet that the mind will not like this. That is why in meditation the mind will try to distract you anyway that it can. The thing is, that once your consciousness takes over control from the mind, your mind will become the efficient, logical tool that it was meant to be.

The attainment of True Wisdom burns away bad Karma, eliminating the need for one to go through the experience. If bad Karma can be burned away, how is this done? By learning to live in harmony with the Divine, one can recieve insight into Life, and see how to Live. True Wisdom is the Insight that reveals all the secrets, and how to become a channel through which blessings flow. Let the blessings of Love & Kindness, & Knowlege flow through you. Be aware. Pay Attention. Do what Love demands of you. In these ways will you step outside the Wheel of Karma.

There is this notion, that carries a Great Truth, that none of our ideas or beliefs really amount to much, except that we give our POWER to them through our acceptance of them. Our acceptance of beliefs into our consciousness, as realities, gives them power over us. Karma is not the only Law of Nature. There are six others, & each is just as powerful as any of the rest. Consider the 6th Law, the Law of Gravitation, (see my article on Metaphysics). You gravitate conditions into your physical life, that are in harmony with your idea of what you deserve. Thus, you have an opportunity here, you may change your attitude about your life, & just what you deserve from life.

You may choose that you deserve health, knowledge, wisdom & love. And those things will come to you, as you you earn them, through being a healer, obtaining knowledge, sharing of your knowledge while you accumulate more, and being real to people, without ulterior motives. Life follows the activity of the mind. Where the mind leads, there follows the pattern of your life. Memory is a good thing, if you use it as a source of information. But if you spend more time dwelling upon the past, rather than in planning for the future, where will your life go?

This reminds me of the story about a philosophy professor. He came to class with a gallon jar, and filled it with big rocks. "Is it full?", he asked the class. The students agreed. Then he sifted in a bunch of pebbles that fit in around the big rocks. "Is it full?", he asked again. The students agreed. Then the professor poured in a lot of sand until the jar was full. "The jar is your life. The big rocks are the most important things in life. The pebbles are important, too, but not as much. The sand is all the trivial stuff. When you are filling the jar of your life, put in the big rocks first, then the pebbles, and finally the sand. If you put in the sand first, then your life will have no room for anything important."

It is the Law of Gravitation. When you accept a thought or belief, you attach yourself to it, and everything that is connected to it. You then resonate on the vibration of that thought, and your subjective mind puts those vibrations out into the Universe. Conditions & situations that are like your worldview become attuned to you, and they begin to happen around you. "And the thing he feared came upon him..." A person who is afraid of, say, car accidents, is much more likely to do something that will get them into a car accident. But someone who drives confidently, and pays attention to what is going on around them, will find a way out, should danger arise.

Negative thinking clouds the mind, & impairs reason. Positive thinking clears the mind, & makes it sharp. If you have the expectation that good things will happen to you, then you will see many opportunities, as they come up. BUT a negative thinker will pass by these opportunities as if they were not there, because their internal inharmony, blinds them to the possibility. "As a man thinketh, so is he".

If you think something is impossible, then you make it a fact in your life. BUT, if you think something is possible, then it is merely a matter of figuring out just how you will do it, to make it a fact. Realizing that the Divine exists within you, makes it possible for you to untie the knots of bad Karma that bind you. When you release your attachment to a negative condition, a Hidden Agenda, then it can no longer hold any power over you, & soon, it will disappear. This is the Magick beyond spells, and you have always held this power within you, because God lives within us, and we live within God. So Mote It Be!!

Human languages were developed, so that people could discuss their surroundings, and activities. They are very much oriented toward dealing with the material world. So it is extremely difficult to speak of non-physical phenomena with language. The most ancient writings of a Spiritual nature used symbolic language. The problem with that, is that unless one knows what the symbols represent, one can only guess at their meaning. Careful Initiation into the Mysteries, and the discovery of your inner connection to the Divine is required, to understand them. Now our languages have evolved considerably with our comprehension of the physical laws of the Universe, and much that was once hidden can now be revealed in relatively plainer language. However, one still must realise that the principles only have meaning when made into realities expressed in your character & life. They are not merely ideas. They are the Archetypes that structure Life.

Completing the circuit is the real Magick trick. You have to make the connection between the positive source & the negative ground. When the circuit is complete, then the power flows, & things happen. With intuition you have to recognize it, & make use of it, to complete the circuit. If you do not heed your intuition, you will have turned the switch off, and you will stop getting flashes of intuition. But if you heed your true Inner Voice, then it will speak to you always, becoming an active part of who you are. If you are on the Path, then you can never be alone, because the whole Universe is within you, & without you....

You know how, when a plane just breaks Mach1, it creates a sonic boom? All this pressure & turbulence builds up, and at the speed of sound, there is the boom, and then the plane moving faster than sound, bypasses all of that as things adjust to its movement for smooth sailing. I think that the time period before a Spiritual or Magickal breakthrough, the same thing occurs. You do almost everything you can think of to get things going the way you want to on a major project, & BOOM.... it all falls apart. When this happens repeatedly, it is because there is a principle you have been missing, that is the key to completion.

Most people know about the Law of Karma, and tend to relate everything to it, but it is not the whole picture. There are seven of these Cosmic Laws, and the results you get in life are directly related to your knowing how to apply them (see my article on Metaphysics). One Law in particular is very important, when dealing with repetitive karmic situations. This is the Law of Gravity. It is a law of attunement. Things that vibrate on the same frequency, are drawn together. What you believe in your inmost Heart about yourself, has tremendous power to gravitate situations similar to your beliefs into your life.

You can organize the best plans, carefully lay out the groundwork, do all of the necissary background research, and put out your whole effort, and still fail. The key to using the Law of Gravity, is to change your attitude about yourself, & what you deserve out of life. Absolute faith in yourself, in your abilities, talents, etc is essential. If you do not believe that you deserve success, then the Universe will not give it to you. If you believe that you are one who can do a great job, but will still be ignored, then that is what you will get. After all the work you have done to learn & apply this knowledge, your own self-image is the only thing that can hold it all back. So you need to develop your faith in yourself, based upon the preparation you have done, and see yourself as a person who is worthy & deserving of all that Life has to offer. BOOM!!

It is mind over matter in all cases. This material universe is an illusion created by consciousness through the Cosmic Laws. All of us are co-creators of the world we live in. When you consider the wide spectrum of Spiritual development of people on Earth, all of their varying belief systems, and the ways they use or mis-use the Cosmic Laws in the conduct of their lives, then this crazy world, actually makes some sense. On the Macrocosmic level, Karma functions exactly as we are taught in all of the Traditions. BUT, on the Microcosmic level, Karma manefests as Chaos, randomness, the uncertainty principle. So depending upon the plane of your perspective, everything happens for a reason, or nothing does. Both possobilities are simultaneous, and neither is mutually exclusive.

I know that the brain manufactures chemicals that are physical analogues of our emotions & moods. These chemicals break down after awhile, but while they are in our system, they do influence us. So you may have gotten yourself into a chemical feedback loop. You are depressed, so your brain manufactures depressing chemicals, which make you feel depressed, etc etc. We know that you can break this chain, because you are asking these questions. Now comes the hard part. Magick is largely the force of will, powered by desire & vision. What you need to do, is to replace the negative thinking with positive thinking. Every time a negative thought enters your mind, you must refuse it, and replace it with a positive thought of harmony or creativity. These positive thoughts will cause the brain to manufacture chemicals corresponding with them. Gradually, the chemicals associated with depression will be pushed out of the system, and be replaced with chemicals of harmony & peace.

Doreal, (founder of the Brotherhood of the White Temple,, said that if a person could spend 24 hours without a single negative thought, that their health would return to the natural state of perfection, and that they would be so clear-minded that they would be able to figure out a solution for any problem that they had to deal with. OK. So that's a little bit tough. People love their negative thoughts, and are very attached to them. And it is very difficult to divorce yourself from something that you love, even when it is killing you. But if you can go for 12 hours a day with no negative thoughts for three days in a row, that should work just as well. Or even 8 hours a day with no negative thoughts for 5 days in a row. The thing is, you need to develop a new mental habit. Refuse the negativity whenever it crops up, and replace it with positivity. Over time, this will become easier, & easier, as the new mental habit becomes entrenched.

What people call normal is an illusion. Is it normal to believe things that are not true? Is it normal to behave in ways that are destructive to yourself & the world around you? Is it normal to live in ignorance? Is it normal to sabotage yourself with negative attitudes? Is it normal to desire harm to people who are different from you? Yet so-called normal people do these things all the time. What people call normal is an illusion. Remember where Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living" ? Does somebody who has never questioned anything, or put out any effort to improve themselves or the world around them, really amount to much? You are only responsible for dealing with your own Karma, BUT you will also get Karma to deal with, from people who have attached themselves to you. Making choises is a difficult process, but with experience, you will begin to see the patterns & their results. It is an excellent Guide. And remember : No one has ever attained Enlightenment without first developing a sense of humor.

If you think that Spirituality with one foot on the ground works well, then wait until you try it with BOTH feet on the ground, your body in the clouds, & your head in Heaven (Qaballistic reference). The completed circuit gives you the perspective to see things as they are, from the whole gamut of perspectives, forcing an alignment of the entire spectrum, & revealing the Truth.

The Law of Motion states that once an object has been put into motion, that it will continue its trajectory unabated forever, unless another force is brought to bear upon it, either changing its motion, or vibration. That's the physical law, but it is also a Cosmic Law, and operates on all planes. A boulder of depression rolling down a hill, is not an easy thing to stop. It requires an equal amount of force moving in the opposite direction to bring it to a halt. A supreme act of Will could do it immediately, but developing a habit of positivity, will gradually slow it down, stop it, & reverse direction.

That is why there are so many different Spiritual techniques out there. You just have to find the ones that work for you. Meditation works for everybody, but it is a slow process. Some people chant mantra, others do Yoga. Nature walks, & hiking rejuvenate many people. There is power in music & dance, and also color therapy. Incense sets a mood of holiness. When the body is out of sorts, the mind doesn't do very well either. A reflexology treatment can remove a lot of tension, and make all of the rest of this much easier. Often people find gardening brings them closer to the Earth. Many kinds of exercise bring people a "high", which carries over into the rest of their life. There are lots of options.

With Karma it works like this. Whenever you do anything in thought, word, or deed, you set up a cause that will return to you as an effect. This cause will alter things around you, and that will also return to you, as a secondary effect. Finally, your motion through the Universe, your activities on all planes of existance, ripple out through the Macrocosm, creating a cascade affecting many things you probably will not be aware of, and this, too, will return to you. I think this is why in Paganism, that they speak of the Law of Three. It is also an excellent reason for cultivating a state of serenity & tranquility, as best you can. Who in their right mind, would want to spend Eternity dealing with a lot of crap? A simple act of kindness, not only helps someone out, but it also puts out a vibe in the aethers, which makes it easier for other people to do the same. Yes, there most certainly is a ripple effect.

Unreasoning & compulsive hatred will eat away your soul, especially when it revolves around the hatred of a group of people based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, economic class or national origin. Greed for money as an end in itself, or even worse, greed for power over other people, will consume your soul. And finally, the Dark Side, that malevolent manefestation of the lowest end of the Spiritual spectrum, which inspires destruction, genocide, oppression, and all kinds of fanaticism, is the Eater of Souls.

The Cosmic Laws work equally well for all living things, and it doesn't matter whether people know about them or not to stir them into motion. With people who are very unenlightened, the results are quite chaotic. Negative thinking & action leads to illness, and all sorts of inharmonies. Positive thinking & action leads to health & wider opportunities. So it all comes down to what you know, & how you apply it.

Nothing in this world or on any other plane can ever harm you, unless you have created within yourself a condition that allows it to. In Buddhism there is no force in the universe that is a personification of evil. Buddhists believe that the only evil in the world, is the evil that we harbor within ourselves. In the Buddhist Mandala of the Wheel of Life, there are three animals painted in the center, who are said to keep the Wheel of Illusion going around & around. They are a greedy pig, a strutting cock, and a snake in the grass. They symbolize the lowest of mundane desires : greedy, pride & treachery.

Love is Universal, and a power few completely comprehend. Most people on the Path concentrate on studying the theory & practices & history. This is necessary, but the most important work, is not involved in what we learn, as it is in what we un-learn. All the negativity, illusions, & unworthy desires, that the world dumps into our minds as we grow up, must be rooted out & gotten rid of, before we can make any real progress on the Path. In Buddhism it is taught that the ego is an illusion, and that this world also is illusion. In Western Occult teachings they speak of the lower self, and the Real Self. Overcoming the illusions of the lower self, the ego, allows one to realize the higher Self, ones true identity in the Divine.

That matter is not truly solid, that it is composed of space & fields of energy, is a clear indication that the entire physical Universe is nothing more than an illusion created by Mind. The material world appears solid, but this is an illusion. At the molecular level all separations dissolve into space & fields of energy. In Buddhism, the ego (or lower self), is also considered to be an illusion. All of the aggregates of personality are seen merely to be habits of thinking, with no more substance than matter at the molecular level. The belief in the reality of appearances is what binds us to the cycle of birth & death, and the world of suffering. By divesting yourself of all these false beliefs, one can realize their true identity in the Divine, and know that All is One.

Nothing harmful can affect you, unless you have created a condition in your mind for it to attach itself to you. Altering your perspective on things, changes your vibration, & then the condition cannot attach itself to you. Reality is fluid, and responds to what we put out by the ways in which we think. When people become rigid in their thinking, they bind themselves to conditions, & cannot see a way out of their suffering. Understanding how this process works is the Key by which you can learn to create the conditions of your desires.

The Universe will give you anything you want, but first the Universe looks into your Heart to see what is there. If you attach yourself to turmoil & trouble, then the Universe will give you that. If you attach yourself to peace & serenity, then the Universe will give you that, instead. Force creates resistance. Like a bar of soap in a bathtub, life will be content to rest in your hand, but once you squeeze it really hard, then it will slip away. Grasping AT things, drives them away from you. People do this because of their need to feel that they are in control, when they are not. By learning to control yourself, & understanding the reasons for your motivations, you relax into the flow of life, and gain the ability to steer your own course. Exerting power externally, shows that you lack power & insight internally.

Do not try to effect changes in the outer world, at a time when your inner world is in distress. How could that work? Magick is an act of will, but it must come from a mind that is clear & serene. The conditions that you find occuring in your life, are reflections of your most deeply held attitudes & beliefs. Attach yourself to thoughts of harmony, peace, kindness, strength, wisdom, knowledge & compassion, and these things will find a way to manefest around you in the world. Make the effort to do the inner work, and the external things will take care of themselves. That is the true power of Magick.

Harboring negative thoughts & feelings within yourself, will throw you out of balance. Holding false concepts about Life, will cloud your vision. People dwell so much upon negative things, that it will take all of the meditation & Spiritual Practices that you can do, to break the habit. Allowing the emotions to rule your life, will lead you to be irrational. Letting your intellect to dominate, will make you rigid. Neither of these is balance. Balance is a state of harmony, that gives you a clear perspective on what is important in Life.

Much of human suffering comes from identifying & defining ourselves with external things. All external things are subject to change. They have beginnings & endings. Attachments based upon things which are impermanent, can only lead to suffering. What good can come from defining yourself on the basis of a relationship, a job, status, or things acquired? When things get really complicated, then it is time to make them simple. If you are being pulled in many directions at once, then you need to be at your center. Having a strong center of calm is the Key to gaining control over your life. When you are in your center of calm, then all of the craziness of the world falls into perspective. Things that really aren't important, lose their power to command your attention. The center of calm that you will develop from contemplation & meditation, will enable you to concentrate your efforts on the things that do matter, and from this your life will sort itself out towards what it ought to be.

There are several different sorts of teachers. There are teachers who claim to be Enlightened Gurus, but who are actually only good at manipulating people to satisfy their personal desires, and relieve people of the "burdens of their material possessions". Beware these people. Next you can take Life itself as your Teacher, seeing everything that happens to you, & everyone you meet, to be the conveyor of a Divine message. This is a good teacher, but it may happen that you will not understand the lesson you are being presented with. Then there are the Teachers who have acquired great Knowledge & Wisdom in one or more areas, & who are totally sincere & kind. A few of these are Illuminated Adepts, but most are Initiates of the Mysteries, not quite Enlightened, but close enough. These you should treat as friends. And finally, there is the Teacher within yourself. Your Real Self, is always with you, but is also the hardest to find.

Each of us is an expression of the Great I AM, which is God. All of the Glory, Wisdom, Serenity, Compassion, & Power of the Universe, exists as a potentiality within us, and our job on the Path, is to make this possibility, a Reality, which we manefest in the conduct of our lives. Never refer to yourself as i, because that is to deny the Divinity which exists within all of us, if we would just be willing to see IT. Many times I have been told by Illuminated Adepts, that in any moment, it is possible to realize & manefest Enlightenment.

As you continue making progress on the Path, you will start having more experiences on the higher planes. You may know things, that you cannot account for knowing, get vibes from people, objects, & places. You may travel on the higher planes, having experiences on the Astral Plane or higher. You may become more & more aware of who you have been in the past. All of these things are gifts, and in time, you will view them as normal facets of your life. The purpose of devotional literature, is to raise the Mind above the mundane world, & plant it firmly in the Spiritual Realm. Allowing your mind to focus on fear, guilt, & anxiety creates an unhealthy environment both inside & outside. Some books that will lift your Spirit would be The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, Metaphysical Meditations by Paramahansa Yogananda ( a renowned veggie Yoga Master), The Impersonal Life (published by DeVoss), or The Secret of the Ages by Robert Collier, but I'm sure it is long out of print, having been self-published in 1926. All I am doing, is making clear what you already know in your Heart. When you see these truths in your own Heart, then you bridge the gap between your self, & your Real Self, and what is truly Divine in the Universe can express itself through you.

I could repost James's entire website - it is loaded with valuable wisdom, but it would really make more sense for you to explore it yourself: