Monday, November 16, 2009

Music Metaphysics

Metaphysics, as Aristotle asserted, is founded on the belief that there is a supreme science, wisdom, philosophy, or theology which seeks to explain the origin, nature, and structure of being and the material universe. Within the universe there are three natural languages which perfectly describe the supreme science - music, color, and numbers. Music Metaphysics is the study of these natural languages through the medium of music which enables one to explore, understand, and tangibly experience ideas of science, wisdom, philosophy, and theology while enjoying the affections that music provides.

The study of music metaphysics is achieved through a variety of resources. These include; musical instruments, notation systems, and songbooks which implement the combined languages of color, number, and sound; and a working knowledge of the various elements of music which are revealed by the natural language. Through study, the individual will learn that the structures which underlie music composition are the same structures that are found within ourselves and our environment. This knowledge allows the individual to musically create and mimic these natural structures which provides understanding as well as an intimate interconnection, attunement, and resonation with natures life force.