Friday, November 13, 2009

Reality Shift

by Sandra Sayahda Viola

How many times have you wanted to change something
in your life but no matter how hard you tried you always
fell back into old patterns? We always start out with good
intentions but in the end our old beliefs and habits return.
This can be very frustrating. The more we try and fail the
more insecurity sets in. Insecurity paralyzes our creative
process and limits our true capabilities. How can we change
our reality if we are unable to break out of old habits?

As we grow older our brain becomes hardwired and fixed
on specific thoughts and ideas. These thoughts and ideas
represent our experiences both past and present. The brain
holds onto those fixed thoughts. It's difficult to rewire our
brain to accept new ideas because the brain likes
repetition. We can continue to use new affirmations
and hope the brain will eventually accept them. If an
idea has been present in your life for a very long time
don't expect the brain to release that idea quickly without
changing other things in your life first.

In order to change thoughts, habits or patterns, we need
to change the environment that houses that old energy.
The idea of change means we are going to do something
differently. New creations need a "new" support system.
Bringing new ideas or situations into an old environment
doesn't work. Our personal environment needs to undergo
a change to compliment what we are trying to create.

The simple act of removing or adding something in
your personal environment sets the stage for change.
The more you add or subtract objects in your environment
the more you enable the changes you are trying to attain.
All objects hold energy to a larger or lesser degree.
The bigger the object is doesn't necessarily mean the
more energy it holds. When you are adding or subtracting
objects pay attention to its color as well as the objects
shape as all of these things influence the result.

Adding an object that wasn't there before changes the
energy of that particular space. The same is true of
taking something out of that space. As different energy
begins to filter into your environment old ideas and
patterns no longer have the support system they once
did. Without the old support system the brain must
update its data as it unplugs itself from the old.
This process allows new ideas and thoughts to enter.
When your environment is stagnate change cannot occur.

Update, rearrange and modify your personal environment
before you implement change through your thoughts and
ideas. In this way you will find that changing your reality
will be easier and more creative.