Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Multi-Dimensional Training- Connect to the Higher Self

How does one send energy, thoughts to another on the other side of the world?

Energy and Thought exist beyond the 3rd dimension. Beyond the physical. That is the key. You cannot connect 4th and 5th dimensionally with a 3rd dimensional perspective. You have to enter the next level.

How do you do this?

1. Connect to your higher self. Close your eyes and imagine a brilliant white being floating above you. It looks like you but has very little physical features. It is your higher self, your soul.

2. When we connect with another person, we ask our higher self to introduce us to the higher self of the other person. It is wise to obtain permission for this process. When permission can not be sought from another conscious person, it should be obtained from the higher self of that person. Close your eyes, look within through the clouds of your thoughts, through your emotions, through images from your subconscious, look through the astral trash. Allow yourself time. On the other side, gradually another brilliant being will appear. Your vision has seen through the clouds and now you see another's higher self. You will get a feeling in your energetic body of connection. That is your confirmation.

3. Transfer thoughts, energy, emotions whatever at this point. What you just transfered exists above the 3rd dimension. How do you manifest it? The key is Free Will. You intend they receive it. If it is for their highest good, their higher self will give them the information through feelings, hunches, intuition. The words will float down into their brain. Their higher self will direct the transmission for their highest good. You have nothing to worry, you're done!
thanks to Chris for this one