Friday, February 13, 2009


By Robert Plutchick

You are here simply for the experience. You are really not here to learn anything because on a higher level you actually know all that you currently need to know. If you look at the greater picture, you are here to have an adventure - an emotional adventure. No matter how you judge it - good or bad - it's all energy. You are here to have an emotional adventure - to learn to embrace all emotion without judging any of it.
Emotions are ways of dealing with experiences in life, and ways of expressing oneself. E-motion could be described as Energy in Motion. It is the flow of life force that is being expressed by a person.
Emotions expressed in the present as a way of dealing with the present are not good or bad. They are simply a way of dealing with what is there.
Emotions sometimes get frozen and then replayed later, out of context. This often happens in traumatic situations. An overload of emotion gets stored up in the mind, and then it gets activated and repeated at a later time when some of the elements of the situation are a little similar.
A great deal of human trouble comes out of just that: the replaying of emotions in the wrong context. Often people will vehemently defend their right to express their replayed emotions, and will produce elaborate justifications for why the emotions are just and right.
One of the aims of Emotional Clearance is to turn the frozen energy in stored-up emotions into free energy that people can express themselves with in the present.
Electromagnetic field of attractionWhen we embrace an emotional feeling it is received by the brain, which converts it into electrical energy that flows through our body by means of the autonomous nervous system. We can often 'feel the charge' in our body associated with the experience of emotions. When this occurs, an electromagnetic field is generated around our body which attracts to us another person who has an identical electromagnetic field around their body - and the same emotional feeling in their heart.
A person with anger in his heart will encounter many an angry person in his daily activities, giving the impression that he lives in an angry world populated by angry people. And so this illusion will perpetuate itself until higher awareness enables him to change his thoughts/belief system, changing his emotional charge, which changes his field of attraction, and ultimately changes his perception of the world around him.
VictimizationBelieving that something or someone made us feel "bad" gives rise to the concept of victimization. To see yourself as a victim places the responsibility for our feelings onto someone or something other than yourself. The problem with this perception is that if we do not claim responsibility for having manifested and created our feelings, we are unable to change and create new, different feelings of an understanding and positive nature.
SurrenderEach manifestation is an ascension opportunity. All manifestations teach something about oneself and mirrors one's own unconscious state of being. For aspirants upon the spiritual path, each manifestation provides clues as to what needs to be released or cleared in order to continue to ascend.
UnderstandingThere is an inverse relationship between struggling with a problem and understanding the problem. To understand how the emotional system really works allows the resolution of problems without struggle. Our higher emotional states and our precision in monitoring our emotions will help us to experience life through emotions of a higher vibrational nature. A continuance of finer vibrational emotions will assist in realigning our neuron pathways with the additional strands of DNA thus setting our potential free.
Transform through feelingYour mind can grasp intellectual ideas, but it is in the FEELING where the transformation takes place. Have patience with the process of transformation. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone is shifting in different ways and at different rates of shift.
Perceived realityYour ideas and beliefs about who you are, wrapped in the emotional charge of those ideas and beliefs, create your reality - your every day experience of life. Thoughts require a creative charge of emotion before they can affect your reality. So you may change your ideas of who you are, but until they are wrapped in the joyful emotion of truth, you cannot change your perceived reality.
FearFear is not real. It is only a physical emotion that mirrors the various thought-forms surrounding your outer consciousness. Yet, it is used to shape your outer personality. The easiest way to transform it is to thank the ego self for its deep concerns and then, in a real dialogue filled with compassion and heartfelt love, to transform it into something real.
Wrong IdentityEmotional pleasure or pain are aspects of the mind only. Our essential nature is happiness, but we have forgotten the true self and imagine the body or the mind to be the self. It is this mistaken identity that gives rise to all misery.
Logical confusionLogic is an extremely attractive attribute when one is trying to solve a problem, but logic should have nothing to do with personal expression. Therefore, when it comes to dealing with other human beings, logic has to be replaced by feelings. Emotions are what make us human, so we must learn to feel rather than think our way out of the third dimension.
This means for many, a complete turn around in behaviour. It will soon become obvious that using logical thought processing to analyse information coming from beyond the veil (outside of the third dimension), only confuses the mind. If we want to think clearly and be in tune with the cosmos, then we will have to learn to feel. Feelings are heart driven, and it's in the heart centre where we will locate our compassion. Feelings of love are not held in the brain. We may think with our brain about how we feel, but the feeling itself is held within our heart.
Therefore many of us are now going to have to learn to express ourselves in a completely different way, learning to open up to love and think with our heart - not our head. It is time to let go of the idea that logic holds the key to life and realize that without the ability to express our feelings, we are denying our humanness.
Clearing emotionsThe process of clearing your own emotional restrictions allows you to fully carry light to the planet for the good of all. This is the light that is illuminating the planet and therefore altering the universe for the better. You are only just beginning to see glimpses of who you really are and what that means.
Mastering the Emotions

Our understanding of the emotional system is still in the Dark Ages. Society believes that our emotional feelings are a result of our experiences in our environment. The belief is, “Something happened to make me feel the way I do”. This belief is the exact reverse of how things really work.
Remember the science experiment where you connected the two ends of a wire to the terminals of a dry cell battery? When an electrical charge flowed through the wire a magnetic field was created around the wire. This was demonstrated when we sprinkled iron filings around the wire. A pattern was formed outlining the electromagnetic field surrounding the wire. A charge was set up and attracted the filings to the field.
The nature of any object with a magnetic field around it is to attract to it over a distance of space another object with a similar magnetic field around it.The emotional feeling comes first, and sets up a charge which then results in a corresponding event subsequently drawn into our environment!
Society has the understanding of this relationship backwards. We believe that events happen because we are powerless beings. If the event is perceived as "bad", we will be struck down with a barrage of negative emotions. The event is then blamed for causing the effects - negative feelings such as anger, resentment or depression.
These ongoing dilemmas (of our own creation), have us believing life is one never-ending struggle to survive. Although we may externally struggle with different circumstances and situations, the emotional feelings associated with them are always the same - frustration, resentment, anger, depression, etc., etc. It's like falling into quicksand, and the only way we know to extricate ourselves is to struggle. What we find is that the more we struggle to get out, the deeper we sink.
Focussing on what we don't want, creates more of the sameDoing things we simply no longer wish to do, constitutes compulsive behaviour. The characteristic of compulsive behaviour is that it is reactive in nature. In other words, we do it before we are consciously aware that we've done it. Since we do not like doing it, we get down on ourselves for having done it again. This only serves to feed and increase the intensity of that which we do not like - and so it becomes a stronger force within us, compelling us even more to do it again - and again. Then we get down on ourselves even more - feeding more energy into it so that it comes back even stronger the next time. The more we struggle to get out, the deeper we sink.
There is an inverse relationship between struggling with a problem and understanding the problem. To understand how the emotional system really works allows the resolution of problems without struggle.
To be in this world today is akin to suffering from amnesia, as we have forgotten who we truly are and how we came to be here. Once we again know who we are and understand the process we utilised to get stuck here, we can then reverse the process. This understanding is the key to unlocking the emotional doorway to enter the life of happiness that we deserve to experience.
Accept the body's illness with gratitudeOnce you have made the step of showing gratitude towards your body for the fine job it is doing in guiding you back towards love, your body will begin to release the blocked emotions, or stagnant ideas and beliefs that you have held onto - the beliefs that have acted as the catalyst for illness. As these emotions and beliefs are released, you can begin to experience them in a new way, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the fears controlling your life. With this knowledge and experience, you can begin to understand that fear and love are choices that you can make.
Releasing emotional blocksMost of us have learnt to suppress, ignore or misinterpret our emotions. So, like children, our emotions find more compelling ways of getting our attention - frequently through the creation of stress, or in severe cases through psychological or physical disease.
When you find yourself face to face with powerful emotions, such as anger, jealousy or fear, it takes courage to willingly experience them fully. However, these emotions need acknowledgment. They need to be felt and acknowledged; for in order to go beyond them we must go through them.
A place of "No-Mind"By fully experiencing and going beyond an emotional block - through the layers of doubt and fear - you experience the emotion of who you truly are . . . you experience your essential nature . . . your boundless eternal Self.
This as a place of ‘no-mind’. To experience the essence of your true self is a wonderfully healing experience. Various techniques can be used to deepen the healing effect and strengthen the transformation, ensuring lasting change.
Emotional Clearing requires people to find the courage to embrace their emotional blocks; dissolving them before they impact on the body and adversely affect physical well-being.
To unconditionally forgive someone is difficult to learn when emotions have not been let go. Allow your emotions to come, do not suppress them - then let them go away as soon as they come.
When you have learned how to handle your emotions, you can begin to forgive unconditionally by sending light and love to the person you are trying to forgive, and picture yourself talking to that person and telling him that you can and do forgive him. You may have to do this a number of times, until your forgiving is from your heart, unrestricted and without accusation and conditions. It is important that you go through this process of forgiving, because as long as you cannot forgive, you keep yourself tied with this person through karma, and these ties can slow you down dramatically, so much so that your life can be influenced on many levels and come to a stand-still until you let this other person go by forgiving him.
Your Feelings are your friendsLet your feelings guide you, for they are your friends. Any negative emotion about any subject whatsoever, indicates that you have a negative belief about it somewhere. Through listening to your feelings, you can bring into consciousness the belief connected to the feeling. Feelings and your intuition are your built-in guidance system. Trust what you FEEL. Your feelings are a better indicator of truth than your minds, which can be led off in many directions, pursuing this theory or that, but which are disconnected from the direct EXPERIENCE of truth. Feelings are the directional impulses of your soul. Your soul always wants you to go into the direction of greater joy. There are only two true emotions that you can experience and feel - the emotion of love and the emotion of fear. All other emotions are satellite emotions gravitating towards love or fear. Love is expansive, it encourages you to be all that you can be, it empowers you, and it removes limitation. Love is not jealous, angry, or afraid. Love does not question. Love is accepting.
Fear, on the other hand, is limiting. It drains you of life force energy. Fear prevents you from moving forward. Fear is limiting, blind and short sighted. Fear is death itself.
An exerciseThe physical unit that is your body, responds to the energies that love and fear bring with them. The emotions of love and fear have a direct influence on your nervous and muscular system. Hold any negative thought or belief in your consciousness for a few seconds, and notice what happens to your body. Do you tense up, or do you feel expanded and more aware? What happens to your breathing? Do you breath in a deep and relaxed fashion, or are your breaths short and a little hurried? These are simple exercises in bringing into consciousness those ideas and beliefs that are serving your growth, and those you would do better to transmute and release.
When you combine the focus of your intellectual mind with the impulses that are given to you by your feelings, you cannot help but expand who you are. Feelings are the directions of your soul, and you can use your intellectual mind as a tool to focus your thought on your direction. If all your focussed thoughts followed your inner feelings, your life would be abundant and joyful beyond all imagining.
Using DesireIt is not enough to simply think about having something that you want to bring into your life - you need to have a strong emotional desire for it. Desire is feeling. If you find yourself changing your mind about what it is that you are wanting, you are not truly listening to your feelings.
For you to successfully create the things you want in your life, you have to desire them. Desiring them is not the same as needing them. Need is based on the feeling of lack, and when you concentrate on lack, you repel the very thing you are seeking. Whatever you focus on will expand and grow, be it abundance or lack.
The Law of Attraction will bring you whatever you concentrate upon. So if you concentrate on what you don't want, you will get more of the same. The Universe cannot operate in any other way.
Challenging the emotionBecome aware of your fears, anger, and jealousy. Beneath every fear is pain. It is easier to become angry with someone else, or yourself, or the world, than to feel this pain. Simply recognizing when you are angry is only half the story. You must go to the root of the emotion, which is a part of yourself that you do not know about, or a part of which you are too frightened or ashamed to acknowledge.
Learn to become aware of how your body feels when certain fears arise, and what thoughts fill your mind. You will then be able to see it as an old acquaintance with whom you have a disagreement. The disagreement being that you do not want to feel the way you are feeling, so you push it away. This is where challenging your emotion comes in.
Challenging an emotion – which is really challenging the part of yourself where the emotion originates, is not a declaration of war. It is a clear statement of your intention. For example, you may affirm, “I challenge this emotion. I no longer want it in my energy system,” . Challenging an emotion is the decision to utilise your free will to change an aspect of yourself you no longer want in your life. No matter how you do it, challenging the part of yourself that you want to change is at the heart of spiritual growth. You cannot be a spiritually evolved person and an emotionally unevolved person at the same time.
The first time you challenge your anger, fear, or jealously, it will not disappear. You must challenge it again and again and again. Eventually, it will loose its power over you, and you will regain your power. You must challenge the parts of yourself that you want to change using your free will.
Growing older does not automatically mean growing kinder or wiser. Millions of people die angry, frightened, envious etc, etc. Unless you heal the parts of yourself that are causing you pain, they will not change.This is because no one can change them but YOU!
Learn to experience feelingFeeling occurs as initiates retrieve their emotional and intuitive bodies in full. Feeling is important to the act of ascension. Soul collects records and experience in ascension not through language, but through the act of feeling. Emotions are the main language that soul understands. Furthermore, no emotions equals no communication with All That Is. And one wonders sometimes why one's prayers may seem unanswered! It is because without an emotional or intuitive body, one lacks the very components necessary to communicate with soul or All That Is. How can one appreciate nature, a beautiful sunset, a beach, a redwood forest, a snow-capped mountain, if they do not feel? And what happens when one doesn't feel? They become bored and seek out entertainment through consumerism to fill the void. And so in learning to feel, one shall cease to depend upon entertainment or consumerism to feel alive, and shall experience authentic love. Authentic love comes not from entertainment or consumerism, but from soul dancing with soul. And soul can only be felt dancing with the form through the emotions. And as one learns to feel, one may feel the pain at first, but sooner or later one will also feel the love and soul and begin to be loved from the inside out. In becoming loved from within, one will cease to need to purchase anything to feel loved, and shall move off the treadmill of consumerism.
The whole earth reality is a like an educational play in which you are the producers as well as the actors. The conscious self dwells within this reality while other aspects of your identity dwell simultaneously within other training systems. The emotional lessons we undergo here must be learned well because in the more advanced systems into which we will evolve, thoughts and emotions are automatically and immediately translated into action and matter. It is here on earth where we must be taught and trained to create responsibly. If the sorrows and agonies within this system were not felt as absolutely real, the lessons would not be learned. Many of the current teachers within this system are undergoing their final incarnation, while other personalities who have left the system have volunteered to help and guide those still operating within it.
The easiest way to advance spiritually is to be open-minded, to seek and think for yourself, and be prepared to learn from and serve others. Your spirit has deemed this body and this lifetime as appropriate for the completion of these tasks.