Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Essence of All Be-ing

Consciousness can be defined as -

• the self awareness, inner sensibility or cognisance
of the processing of one's own existence -
• the aggregate, collective or Unified Field of the interplay
of all of the energies which make up all life.

The paradigm that consciousness may exist independently of the physical body is often widely disputed from all sides and often ridiculed. It may sometimes be tolerated under the label of religious freedom, but virtually all branches of science are evolving in the opposite direction: explaining our soul and Spirit.

Yet, there can be a synthesis or common ground where, by removing the seeming discrepancies and limitations in the words and languages used by science, mysticism, spirituality and religion, it can be seen that

Universal Consciousness is the interweaving thread - the tantra - a bridge which joins all forms of human endeavor with all and, with all states and forms of sentient and non-sentient existence.

This Universal Consciousness is
• the Essence of Who We are
• and the Synthesis of Life itself.