Thursday, April 23, 2009

Layers of the Aura

1. Etheric Body

The Etheric Body extends out between 2-4 inches from the physical body is usually a shade of blue. The Etheric Body is the Etheric Map for the physical body holding the complete template of the Physical. When there is an imbalance in the Etheric Body the physical body will be directly impacted and be out of balance also.

2. Emotional Body

The Emotional Body extends out a further 4-6 inches from the Etheric Body, is quite colourful with a wispy cloud look. This is where we store our emotions and these can reflected back to us in the physical from here until we learn to heal them.

3. Mental Body

The Mental Body extends another 4-6 inches from the Emotional Body and can be yellow or bluish in colour. The Mental body holds our thought processes and when we are generating negative thought patterns, the colour of the aura in this layer will change to a darker, muddier yellow.

4. Spiritual Body

Often called the Causal body or Astral body. The Spiritual Body extends out another 4-6 inches from the Mental Body and highly coloured and rather beautiful, like Jacobs coat of many colours [perhaps this was what was being seen] the Spiritual Body is the connecting layer between the lower 4 bodies and the higher [including the physical] and the higher light bodies and it is also the Body where we hold love for ourselves, family and friends. When we are truly more accepting of ourselves a light pink hue may be seen.

5. Etheric Template Body

The Etheric Template extends out another 2-4 inches from the Spiritual Body. This is the mirror double of the Etheric Body holding the negative space of the Etheric Body. In this layer we align with the Divine Will and encouraged to speak our Truth willingly and live accordingly.

6. Celestial Light Body

The Celestial Light Body is a deeper shade of pink than the Spiritual Body and is the layer of universal love and compassion. It is here we learn to love mankind and devote ourselves to a greater understanding and forgiveness of all. This layer encourages us to realise and live with the knowledge that we are all connected and fear cannot exist if Love is all there is.

7. Ketheric Template

The Ketheric Template is seen as Gold Light, which is in fact a fine web [rather like a rutilated quartz]. This web is the web of our reality and creativeness. When we connect with this layer it allows us to see reality and the Divine Order of All, giving a deeper understanding of the lessons and lessening the illusion of separation.

The next layers are said to be:

8. The Memory Body

This layer interfaces with Karma and the Akashic records recording past, present and future karmic memories.It is also known as the “White Zone” and is connected with the crown of the head.

9. The Soul Body

The Ninth Layer is the Soul Level associated with the planes of existence between the worlds of Heaven and Now and is related to the soul Star Chakra [9th Chakra]. The Soul Body connects with our “oneness” and the Divine order of our pre-destined soul contracts.

10. The Integrative Body

The 10th layer serves as a pathway between the physical and spiritual relating to the 10th Chakra [Grounding Chakra]. This layer is also known as the “Dream body” which is able to separate itself from the physical body and enter into the astral realms. It is here we access data from our genetic and soul heritage and the imprint of our soul purpose.

11. The Eternal Body

The 11th Layer of the Eternal Soul is where we are transformed into our Light Bodies in preparation for Ascension.

12. The Universal Body

The 12th Layer of the Universal Body is pure Divine Consciousness and pure connection to the Divine Mind, the Ascended Masters, and Pure Unconditional Love within and without.