Thursday, July 23, 2009


In Return of Light, by Elora Gabriel, Ascension is defined as the point
of unification of all our soul Aspects, thus becoming 'whole or one' in
Light again.
There are three types of Ascension described. The first is 'Personal
Ascension'- when an individual, through his own effort has attained that
level of vibrational frequency and balance and 'ascends'. just like the
Ascended Masters of the past like Buddha, Sananda, etc.
The second type is the 'twin flame' unification. In this type, souls
created as twins, who find each other, unleash energy and consciousness
which are encoded in them at their time of creation, thus attaining
The third type is when planetary portals open as described in the above
mentioned post. In this type of ascension, souls who have developed and
prepared for the high frequency vibration that comes at this time will
ascend. As to what level of consciousness will that be, I do not know.
But in the Law of One, The Ra Material, it says that souls with at least
51% positive polarity can ascend. Souls of majority negative polarity
can also ascend if the negative polarity is at least 95%; this is so
because even in the higher dimensions, positive and negative polarity
still exist, not just positive polarity.
In another material (I forgot the name), it is said, that a person can
ascend, regardless of status of polarity, if he wills and accepts the
new vibrational frequency.