Monday, July 6, 2009

July 7th Lunar Eclipse - Earth Grid Building

Program Description

The Crystalline Grid is powerfully reactivating as part of the New Earth template.

This planetary grid is our new foundation and a spiritual “telecommunications system” to help us connect and remain connected to the higher consciousness of humans all over the world.

By consciously aligning with and connecting to the Crystalline Grid on a regular basis, we strengthen our ability to receive and transmit higher dimensional energies as one synergistic beam of Love and transforming energy.

Children of the Sun is putting out the call to people around the world to join this influential matrix and expanding force field of light.

This is a massive support system during this period of increased intensity in the Earth’s restructuring process.

One of the main uses of this highly advanced crystalline structure is to bring stabilization and balance to our and the Earth’s processes.

It also profoundly assists us in developing skills of higher consciousness.

This includes the higher sense perceptions, energy transferences, receiving and decoding the languages of light, multidimensional communications, to name a few.

These are very important skills for the now times. ..

The Transmissions

The grid transmissions take place every new and full moon, solstice and equinox. These regular transmissions shower amplified infusions of light to assist in our personal transformation and as that is divinely aligned. As a force field, this amplified field supports each of us in releasing the old and embodying the new. We unite and link our collective light in a purified, highly tuned geometric field. This unified geometric field is also know as Group Merkaba.

Important to Build the Grid Networks

Serving as crystalline human portals and an extension of this powerful network, we each receive and transmit these New Earth energies to and from our intimate sphere of influence and the geographic locations in which we live.

It is very important that we focus on building our own networks of light on this grid matrix.

This is to help your friends, family and those closest to you.

As we are all linked, what occurs in our field also affects those in our intimate sphere.

The networks also empower and expand the matrix into greater fields of mass unification.

With aligned intent, we can accelerate transformation into specific areas of the world especially those affected by the planetary shift.

In these times of tremendous change, we are assured of this unified forcefield and giant support system to be in place, every new and full moon without fail.

Everyone is inspired to build their own networks of light.

We are also calling forth participation from people who anchor light energy at sacred sites and specific geographical areas of strong crystalline energy.

These are the “central power stations” of the grid across the globe.

These places of centralized power hold a high concentrated level of crystalline energy, purified frequencies and are the massive energy fields used to support this grid matrix.

Human representatives from these areas help to optimize the transmission process.

How it Works
The transmissions will occur over a full 24 hour period on each day of the new and full moon.
Unified Meditation/Ceremony occurs during 3 world times:
Paris, France 8 p.m.
Sydney, Australia 8 p.m.
New York, USA 9 p.m.

During this day, you may choose to go into meditation, connect to the grid and simply receive. If you have built a network or desire to assist with the unified planetary focus, you can also serve as a crystalline human portal in both receiving and transmitting.