Sunday, August 24, 2008

A life of Passion - Getting Back To What You Love

There are times in life when we are committed to pursuing our passions.
Every molecule in our body is focused on doing what we love. At other times,
necessity and responsibility dictate that we put our dreams aside and do
what needs to be done. It is during these moments that we may choose to
forget what it is that we love to do. There are many other reasons for why
we may leave our passions behind. A hobby may lose its appeal once we've
realize it will never turn into our dream job. Someone important to us may
keep telling us that our passions are childish and unsuitable - until we
finally believe them.

Forgetting about what you love to do can be a form of self-sabotage. If you
can forget about your dreams, then you never have to risk failure. But just
because we've decided to ignore our passions doesn't mean they no longer
exist. Nothing can fill the emptiness that remains in a space vacated by a
passion that we have tossed aside. Besides, life is too short to stop doing
what you love, and it is never too late to rediscover your favorite things.
If you gave up playing an instrument, painting, drawing, spending time in
nature, or any other activity or interest that you once loved to do, now may
be the time to take up that passion again. If you don't remember what it is
that you used to be passionate about, you may want to think about the
activities or interests that you used to love or the dreams that you always
wished you could pursue.

You don't have to neglect your responsibilities to pursue your passions, and
you don't have to neglect your commitments to do what you love. When you
make an effort to incorporate your interests into your life, the fire within
you ignites. You feel excited, inspired, and fed by the flames that are
sparked by living your life with passion for what you love

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