Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nassim Haramein - Fractal Structure Of The Universe

Turning Your Senses Inwards Connects You With Your Infinate Nature.

Infinate Division Leads Towards Singularity.

If the Universe Is Expanding It Must Also Be Contracting In Order To Remain In Equilibrium.

The External Part Of Our Existance Is The Expansive Part. Everything We See As Reality Is Illusionary And Appears Convex Due To The Radiating Electromagnetic Emmisions Of Energy Into The Vacuum.

The Vacuum Is The Constractive Side Of The Structure Of Reality. This Concave Part We Dont See Because It Is Contracting Towards Infinity And Moving Away From Us. This Is Why It Appears As The Vacuum. We Live Inside A Black Hole. It Is The Internal Part Of Our Existance Heading Towards Singularity And It Generates The Gravitational Field.