Monday, August 25, 2008

Let Go

Let go of everything that holds you back. Let go of people, things, situations, thoughts, ideas, concepts, disempowering beliefs that do not allow you to grow and evolve. The power of letting go of that which is not aligned with your higher self is that you leave space for more fruitful and positive experiences to come into your life.

A lot of times we complain about our circumstances or our relationships, yet we hold on to the very things and people that are holding us back and making us unhappy. We want better for ourselves, we want more passion, we want more love, we want more success and prosperity, we long for healthier relationships, etc. And we wonder why we can't achieve what we desire in life--but we have no space! We block these experiences from taking place in our lives because we are still holding on to that which is not serving us.

Today, I ask us to examine the things, people, and situations in our lives that we are having trouble letting go of. Let's make a list if we have to. Be honest with yourself. Ask your higher self if this person, job, habit, or situation is allowing you to evolve and grow. If the answer is "no," then LET IT GO. I realize there is fear in leaving something or someone we are familiar with, but that discomfort will pass, we just need to trust the process of the universe and believe that by letting go we are creating something better, even though we cannot see it yet.

You will find that as soon as you truly LET GO, new and amazing experiences start to come into your life. This happens because you have made room for it to happen. There is now space where previously there was not.

By letting go of that which holds you back, you are proclaiming to the universe that you are truly ready for all the good you deserve to flow into your life. If you keep holding on, your message to the universe is that you are NOT ready; therefore YOU are the one responsible for creating the circumstances that continually hold you back.

By completely leaving these situations, you put your soul's true desires into action and begin the momentum for positive change. You begin to move forward and upward. A lot of people think that holding on makes them strong. Actually, it's the ability to let go when you know that it is time to move on that makes you stronger.


I send each and everyone of you the strength, courage, wisdom, serenity, and acceptance to move on from whatever or whomever is holding you back in life... and the power of LETTING GO. We all deserve to be joyful, prosperous, and more at peace...and this can only be achieved when we align ourselves with people and situations that promote our growth, and when we LET GO of that which does not.

This is my heartfelt message for you today.
With all the love within my soul