Thursday, August 21, 2008


Dualism is simply a way of thinking about the world and the universe that emphasizes opposites and oppositions.

It is simple to understand and chances are, you live with dualism every day.

Just think yin/yang. Classic dualism.

Left and right (hand path). Classic dualism.

Light and dark. Classic dualism

Us and them. Classic dualism

Good and evil. Classic dualism

Saved and damned. Classic dualism.

Worthy and unworthy. Classic dualism.

Dualism, dualism, dualism.

“So what’s the big deal about dualism”, you ask.

Well, the problem is this. You create your reality. You create, in a very literal fashion, the world that is around you and, what is more important, you create the world around you according to the concepts that are in your head (Dossier of the Ascension). I have an aphorism that I use to remind myself of the very important connection between consciousness and reality. It goes like this:

As above in consciousness, So below in matter.

What’s in your mind gets manifested in the world around you without fail. Thus, if your mind is full of duality (i.e., dualisms), you’ll manifest duality in the outside world. This can bring serious consequences especially if your duality is extreme. For example, if your mind is full of hate for “them”, you’ll manifest hate. If your mind is full of war to fight “evil”, you’ll manifest war. If your mind is full of Armageddon, you’ll manifest Armageddon.

Makes sense right?

In fact, it’s a little hard to argue with, really. Just take a look at the contents of your consciousness or the contents of your neighbors and friends. Chances are it is full of duality. Us versus them, good versus evil, black versus white, democrat versus republican, worthy versus unworthy, educated versus uneducated, etc. Our minds are awash in a sea of (media/church/state programmed) duality and, not surprisingly, we see this duality manifested around us all the time. We see it in our hierarchical economic arrangements (educated versus uneducated), our class structures, the exclusionary clicks in our schools, our wars, etc.

Duality is pervasive in our consciousness and it is all around us.

Now up until now, duality hasn’t been a problem. In fact, it has been the goal. To swim in duality so we can generate energy is why we incarnated on this earth. As I explain in The Book of Life, we are here to ascend this universe and we do that by making of ourselves into one massively gigantic, planetary-size energy generator. Like an armature in a giant Gaia-ctic rotor, we (the energy workers and light workers of the world), swing back and forth between the opposite poles of a massive planetary magnet which is constructed in consciousness and then manifested in reality. We do this, we swing between the dialectic poles, in order to generate chi/prana/electricity. We do this until there is so much energy on this earth we literally * pop * through the ascension barrier. This is explained in more detail in my Book of Life.

You see, we (and by we I mean everybody on this planet) have all been generating energy like mad people these past few centuries and despite a few false starts and worldwide setbacks (i.e., World Wide Wars), we are now at the official end of our great cosmic experiment. We have been generating energy like mad the past few years, we have been (gratefully) accepting the energetic assistance of Sol (sun flares anyone), and we are now in the full and final run up to the big event that, as most of you reading this article will know, is set for 2012.

So if duality is what generates the energy that shoves us through the ascension barrier, why worry about the duality around us?

Well its not because we are going to fail our ascension run. Spirit is firmly in control this time and there is no possibility of failure.

There is a question of timing though.

The tricky part of this whole thing is that past a certain point in the energetic run up, it becomes inadvisable to keep duality in our brains. We generate the energy but at some point (soon) we have to unplug the duality in our consciousness “or else”.

It is important.

Remember the equation.

As above in consciousness, So below in matter.

Remember our super charged energetic environment.

The closer we get to 2012, the easier it will be to manifest what is in our consciousness. As the energy increases, manifestation will take on increasingly magical qualities. As the energy levels ascend, what use to take centuries or decades will take months and days and, eventually, hours and minutes. Manifestation will continue to accelerate and, sometime after the 2012 * pop * date, it will become pretty much instant.

This will be Shambhala “if” you’re in a good headspace. It will be something else if you’re hanging onto duality.

Now if you take a look around you can see the truth of what I am saying.

The new energy environment is already having a major impact on the realities of this world and we’re still a significant distance away from the energy peak we are aiming for.

Things are changing fast now.

We have wonderful new technologies popping up on what seems like a weekly basis. We have some countries making massive social and political progress but, on the other hand, some of us seem to be in danger of falling off the razor’s balancing edge into the fiery pit of duality. What’s disconcerting to me (and I suspect to many of you) is the way the ugly extremes of duality are beginning to manifest in this fine world.

It all seems to be spinning just a little too close to the precipice. We have wonderful technological and spiritual advances but we also have this ugly world of duality which seems to be rising up at us like some super-charged third reich. Soldiers are shooting children for revenge, governments are building internment camps, and our world leaders seem bent on global destruction.

We seem to be spiraling down a mucky tunnel into oblivion.

The whole world seems to be in jeopardy.

Oh my goodness!

What do we do?

It’s a good question and I’ll tell you what I think.

I think we need to stop thinking within our dualities. We have to stop thinking in terms of “us and them” and we gotta do it quickly so that the wind is punched out of the sales of this Armageddon race. We don’t look at the world and go “evil lizards”, or “scummy Annunaki”, or dirty republicans or filthy [insert favorite reviled out-group group], thereby adding to the duality.

We don’t look at the world and go “us” will live and “them” will die.

We don’t look at the world and go “worthy” will ascend and “unworthy” with be reset.

We don’t look at the world and go “evil” will be destroyed and “good” will triumph.

We don’t look at the world and go I’ll be “saved” and you’ll “damned”.

If we do, we fan the flames of duality.

Take a look at the Middle East. It is the hostile duality between Muslim’s and Catholics (fanned and exploited by government leaders) that has helped manifest what looks very much to be the run up to WWIII.


Now of course, you can’t really be blamed for this. The world leaders, who are very aware of the Mayan calendar dates, are hell bent on preventing the ascension process from occurring.

Why? Because if ascension occurs, they lose control.

If ascension occurs, Shambhala (heaven on earth) unfolds and they don’t want that. They like the inequality and poverty that makes them rich and powerful.

It is not that they are bad people inside.

It is just what they know.

They don’t want to change and they are quite afraid of what “we the people” will do to them when we the people find out all the really rotten things they’ve been doing these past centuries. You have to do a lot of dirty things to keep tight control over a planet of 5 billion people and these dirty things are already coming to light. If you were “them,” wouldn’t you be afraid?

Echoes of the French Revolution.

So out of fear “they” are fanning the flames of duality hoping that if they start enough wars, kill enough people, and murder enough children, all this spiritual ascension and “take your power back” spirituality will just go away.

You can’t blame them for trying. In the past, their little apocalyptic drum banging has worked. We’ve gotten world wars which have been very effective at stopping ascension because the wars took all the available energy and channeled it into killing you, your sons, and your daughters. Believe me, nothing lowers the energy around you like death.

However, this time the elites aren’t going to be able to stop the process. This time, the energy environment is not the same. We are much farther along in our energy generation now than we ever got even in our last attempt (round about WWII). Our environment is charged by a factor of 100 beyond the energy environment in WWII and we’re not even close to the peak yet.

Why so much this time?

Because the previous times were just for practice.

This is the real one (Mayan 2012, everyone knows) and this time the rocket boosters are turned on full blast.

So, before we conclude this article, let’s review.

There are three factors that you have to be cognizant of in this particular moment.

We are in a super charged energy environment

As above, so below, duality manifests.

The Powers That Be (PTB), are fanning the flames in an attempt to stop ascension and keep us all powerless.

Now, if everything just stayed the same and the elites kept doing what they are doing and duality kept increasing and the energy kept ascending, this will end in a horrible little puff of light.

* B * O * O * M *

We won’t be able to control the duality. It will just get uglier and uglier until we (and by we I mean our political leaders) destroy ourselves with the out of control advanced technology that is already manifesting in these conditions of ascending energy.

* B * O * O * M *

Second asteroid belt.

Failed experiment.

Another Atlantis.

If you’re still reading at this point, I know you know this. You can feel it. It is in your cellular memory. The deeply buried fear of the Atlantean “termination event” is what keeps so many people so freaked out about asteroids and flu epidemics and out of control killer diseases and such.

It all happened before, you see, under much the same circumstances.

No doubt, you where there, on the fifth planet, when the discordant energies of an ascendingduality caused the planet to exploded.

But don’t worry.

Don’t be scared.

Rise above the fear and don’t believe the “revelations” propaganda.

It doesn’t end that way.

This time we conclude successfully. However, this doesn’t mean you can just sit back on your ass and watch the world go around.

You are not here as a spectator, you know.

You are handpicked from a multiverse of souls and you have practiced for several lifetimes for this exact moment.

So listen up.


Time to put aside duality.

Time to rejoin Spirit.

Time to spread the word.

Time to ascend this universe.

Time to welcome Shambhala.

You can do it.

You’ve practiced.

Now I won’t sit here and threaten you like some others do and say “wake up” or else.

I know that you are going to wake up.

I know you want to wake up.

I know you can do it.

You’re just waiting for the right moment.

You’re just waiting for the messenger to say, “its time”.

Well here I am.

Its me, Michael Sharp, and I’m saying, its time.

Now don’t worry. You may have been told that spiritual enlightenment and chakra activation and kundalini awakening and all that other stuff is onerous and difficult. You may look around you and see the incredible mess we’re in and say to yourself “but there’s not enough time”.

You may be overwhelmed.

Don’t be.

I can help.

I know, getting over duality can be hard. I know that, from the perspective of spiritual impotence, the mess around you seems insurmountable. But its not. Its easy to fix if you know who you are and if you realize just how much spiritual power you can attain to.

I can help with this.

I can help with enlightenment.

I can help with awakening.

I can help with empowerment.

If you want some assistance burning away the ancient tendrils of that duality in your brain, if you want some help reclaiming your spiritual power and taking control of the world around you, I recommend you read my book, The Book of Light: The Nature of God, the Structure of Consciousness, and the Universe Within You []. It’s a free book (and a short read) but it will give you a new perspective on creation and your role in it that will be devoid of any traces of duality. It will inspire you to take your power back. After you read my book, you’ll see yourself (and everyone else) for what you really are – a divinely inspired spark of a glorious fabric of creator consciousness.

No duality.

No hate.

No victimization.

No Armageddon.

Just pure, divine light.

Read the book (remember, its free).

Spread the word.

It is important.

It is time.

Now, although I know that that we aren’t going to end up another Atlantis, I do know that the road to ascension is a variable road. We can get there easily or with incredible difficulty. If everybody was to wake up * R * I * G * H * T * * N * O * W *, we’d finish our work, ascend the planet, and move right over to Shambhala in a period of only a few months. However, if we hum and haw and remain indecisive, if we remain silent about the truths of ascension, if we let our brothers and sisters muck around in duality without giving them a hand up, we’ll have to put up with a lot of unnecessary war, death, and destruction. It will all go away eventually (before 2012), but a lot of innocent children will die.

You know I’m telling you the truth.

So you decide.

Putter around and play in duality thereby condemning people to be sacrificed in some elite sponsored war or wake up and become part of the solution.

Your choice.

And for those of you who are politically oriented, I am not telling you to stop the work your doing. It is important that we stop the PTB. But you gotta understand, you can’t stop them when you play their game. As long as you frame everything within the structures of duality, you fan the fires and you strengthen the PTB and weaken yourself. So by all means, protest, educate, and struggle. But do it from a perspective of non-duality.

It only seems difficult at first.

After you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived in that silly world of good/evil anyway.

And don’t kid yourself about the power you have over this world.

As above in consciousness, so below in matter.TM

We all saw what one Ghandi could do.

Imagine what a million peace loving, non-dualistic, fully empowered spiritual monads can do.

It will be amazing.

It will be Shambhala.

So come on, catch the train.

Read The Book of Light [].

You have nothing to lose but the chains of your ancient (outmoded and soon-to-be defunct) duality.

In La’kech

Michael Sharp