Thursday, August 21, 2008

Within-Without from Zero Points: A Quantum approach to Consciousness and the Physics and Metaphysics of Being and Nothingness

“The Universe is worked and guided from within outwards.
As above so it is below, as in heaven so on earth;
and man-the microcosm and miniature copy of the macrocosm-
is the living witness to this Universal Law and to the mode of its action.”
(H. Blavatsky, 1888, p. 274)
Esoteric mystical and spiritual teachings provide a profoundly alternative view of the origin and nature of the universe, and of the origin and nature of consciousness. Generally, these perspectives are unknown within modern psychology and science, in consciousness studies, and in quantum approaches to the mind. However, the ancient mystery teachings are profoundly relevant to the current issues of consciousness, physics and cosmology. These perspectives allow a wholly different understanding of the possible quantum or zero point origin of human consciousness, and a way of approaching the deep physics and meta-physics of being.

In 1888, Blavatsky described the universe as originating within-without from a zero point source-“an unextended point” rooted within the aether of higher space dimensions. She described the “Gods” and other invisible powers as “clothing themselves in bodies” through zero point dynamics by which the influences and forces of higher realms are brought down into material nature. Thus all cosmoses are guided and worked from within/without, and all things are rooted into the “seeming void” and yet “divine plenum” of the Absolute. Any Son, or created universe, originates from a point source within the plenum, expands from within/without and eventually contracts from without/within, resolving back into the underlying realm. The fundamental dogma of the ancient wisdom, according to Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, is that there is “one indivisible and absolute Omniscience and Intelligence in the Universe, and this thrills throughout every … infinitesimal point of the whole finite Kosmos.” Zero points are the means by which individual lives are focused out of this underlying unified Omniscience and Intelligence.

Remarkably, the creation dynamics elaborated by Blavatsky in 1888, anticipated the newest views of modern physics. Scientists trace the creation of the universe to a first instant of time, 10-43 seconds, at a particular level of material differentiation, at 10-33 centimeters-the dimensions at which physical differentiation began-out of the seeming void and plenum of the quantum vacuum. In the vacuum genesis account, creation proceeds as the singularity expands from within/without and symmetry breaking occurs in higher dimensional space, to precipitate dimensions of being out of nothingness. However, although science accepts the idea of the universe originating from a singularity, the same model is never considered in relationship to consciousness studies, This paper proposes that the physics and metaphysics derived from the study of the macrocosm, be applied directly to understand the microcosm: Human consciousness originates from a zero point source established in higher space dimensions, within the seeming void and plenum. Further, mystics identify this zero point center most immediately with the mystical dimensions of the heart. Whereas, the last century of modern science has focused on the brain as a physical mechanism, which somehow produces consciousness, the ancient wisdoms depict the Heart as the true center of the inner cosmos of consciousness. Blavatsky quotes an ancient Stanza: “The Sons expand and contract from their own Selves and Hearts.” Thus, at the “heart” of a living being is a zero point center-the quantum Self, or I, a point source of supernal light established within higher dimensional Space. The Dali Lama describes this conjunction of the light of pure mind and infinitesimal space particles. In the Vedas, the supersoul (or paramatma) is infinite, while the individual spirit soul is infinitesimal-an inherently self-illuminating quantum of consciousness established within the “cave of Brahman” or the “lotus of the heart.” Ramana Maharshi (1995) describes “self realization” as involving the “dissolution of the mind in the Heart lotus.” Consciousness is further rooted into the void/plenum and the deep substratum of existence. A Sufis comments: “Not since God brought man out of nothingness, has he ceased to be a traveler.”

From a mystical perspective, modern theorists make a series of mistakes about the nature and origin of consciousness. Firstly, it is associated with the mind and brain, instead of the heart (and the circulation of blood). As a quantum system, the heart, not the head, is the center of a human being, as the electromagnetic volume of the heart is estimated at five thousand times that of the brain. (Pearsall, 1999) Mystics describe the heart as the Sun of the body, while the mind is the moon-with no light of its own, and only reflecting the light of the Self within the heart Space. In this view, consciousness is not dependent upon neurological processes at all, as these simply provide varied “contents” of experience. The vast evidence for near-death and out of body experiences, states of awakening and enlightenment, clearly suggests this. A mistake within the holographic paradigm is the assumption that experiences only occur in the brain, and that, as Karl Pribram comments “there are no laser beams in the brain.” Mystical teachings suggest that the zero point source of coherent light within the Heart Space establishes the holographic basis of human consciousness.

Mystical approaches to creation involve the study of numbers and metaphysical principles embodied within the creation process. God is said firstly to be One, then Three and Seven; as a ray of pure white light divided by a three-sided prism yields a spectrum of seven colors.. The Laws of Three and Seven permeate all cosmic phenomena on all planes of being. In fact, these principles are latent within the nothing-ness of pre-existence. Similarly, there are three modes of nature representing intelligence, energy and matter, which manifest on successively dense planes of material existence. This creates a seven dimensional universe all out of a seven dimensional hyperspace that existed before the beginning. When God sculpts the void, and order arises out of disorder or chaos, it does so according to an inner geometry of being involving these divine principles. These principles can be applied to the study of physics and cosmology, and to the study of the circulation of light within the inner cosmos of consciousness.