Monday, August 25, 2008

Cosmic Law of Love

Love is the greatest of all human powers. Originating from the Source-Of-All-That-Is and flowing through the heart, the energy of Love produces both internal and external harmony for physical healing and growth for all forms of life. Focused Love power is to manifest peace and goodwill on Earth facilitated by enlightened government. It's the Law.

As the opposite of hate, which is negative and destructive of life forms, Love is the magnetic force that attracts and reproduces life, and the "glue" that holds together couple's, families, friends, communities, nation's and humanity. All life forms respond positively to Love at their own level of consciousness. even predators, human and animal. It's the greatest reservoir of power to unite all things.

Love is most often"felt" in the heart for something close, which is to include oneself, but it also is to be projected throughout the world by directing the energy in specific thought forms. Like all other thought, it is most effective when driven by a strong desire, or emotion, enhanced by affirmation and prayer.

"Practicing unconditional Love for
all life is the pinnacle of human
power, purpose and performance."

Love is also the Chief Liberator of humans, freeing them of their chief enslaver, fear. U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt once cautioned the nation against fear;

"There is nothing to fear but fear itself."

A mirror of insecurity, the negativity of fear contains no hope for the future, manifesting itself in self-defeating ways. Recorded history bears witness to fearful thought dominating the mass consciousness, creating fear-based governments, and causing wars and other disharmony.

The nature of Love is such that an immature child may experience fear when it hears orgasmic screams of loving adults, but grows to understand and appreciate them. Similarly, without understanding, adults may experience fear when nature forces produce volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and powerful storms in the interaction of creative energies. Comets smashing into Earth and "black holes" in space may be feared by immature humans who lack understanding of the cosmic order of things, much less a greater or divine order, beyond limited human science. But scienee has demonsrated it eventually discovers order, if not faith.

As humans mature, they recognize the Cosmic Laws that give guidance for the earthly experience with the Law of Love providing the highest positive vibration, or creative frequency, the ancestor of all goodness that the world has expienced. It was the foremost Law taught by Christ Jesus who said after God, humans are to love themselves, their neighbors, and even their "enemies". Love can disarm warring opponents.

Hate, anger and revenge reflect immaturity and ignorance of not only the Cosmic Law of Love, but the Law of Cause & Effect, or karma. In sharp contrast, Love is the supreme human relationship and the basic building block for Heaven on Earth.

The bottom line is, institutions such as government that reflect Love in their principles, policies and programs attract in-kind responses and voluntary support. For these reasons and more, An AUTHENTIC CONSTITUTION in harmony with the natural Cosmic Laws of the universe is being proposed to further empower such results.