Friday, August 22, 2008

Energy Cords & Soul Power‏

In order to live a completely soul filled energetic life, to give it all that you have to offer, and to be all that you can be, you must first have all of your soul power intact.

Don’t forget, we’re all made up of energy, so as energetic beings, we have what’s known as energy chords, which we constantly emanate, consciously or unconsciously. When you focus and direct your thoughts and energy on a particular person, place, object, situation, or even an uncompleted project, you’ll begin to establish an energetic cord with whatever you’re focusing on.

As you send your energy there and focus on it, the bigger and stronger the cord becomes. In turn, what happens is that your energy attaches itself to the object of your attention, so that your precious resource seeps away from your own soul, where it’s most needed. I’m sure that you’ve heard of the expression "giving your power away?” Well that’s exactly what happens. Not only are you giving your power away, creating a soul leakage, but you also become energetically involved, once this energy connection has been established.

Energy Cords & Soul Power

This week, ask yourself: “Is there anyone or anything that’s draining my power and sapping my energy?” “Where in my life are there cords that need to be severed?”

Make a list of whatever or whoever is draining you, irritating you, upsetting you, or even issues you may be unclear about. These could be in any area of your life such as: personal, work, relationships, home, etc. Break down the list in to categories and go through them one by one. Making this list is an important step. You’ll start noticing where your energy is going, and you’ll be able to make decisions that are more informed if you choose to cut the cord and deal with it. It’s amazing when you start cutting, as you’ll get your energy back. In so doing, you’ll begin healing all of you.

Here are a few examples of potential draining energy cords:

– Family –

– Unhealthy diet –

– No exercise –

– The health check-up you keep putting off –

– Relationship issues never being addressed –

– Uncompleted projects (personal, home, work) –

– Unresolved finance issues –

– Excessive worrying –

– Taking on the problems of a friend –

Now, it’s time to get your energy moving in the right direction and take a long hard look at your life. Start by noticing the next time you interact with different people in your life: are they giving you energy or are they taking it away? Is there an even exchange? There should be a balance of giving and receiving energy from each other. I want you to become more consciously aware of when and where you give away your power, the power that infuses your soul – power that’s meant for you.