Friday, August 22, 2008

Higher Light

All is what it should be and every point of light shines forth from the Central Sun and every stream of energy follows the curve of evolution in the returning resolution. Unitary dimensional consensus creation proceeds blissfully under the guardianship of the Teachers of Light and their vanguard, the Wayshowers.

The physical brain has limits of awareness as the mind’s capacity is layered in densities and the fourth dimensional matrix. Grounded on the foundational base plane of sub-atomic quantum structure the first level consciousness is founded in connective core centrism. Microcosmic singularity provides the central anchor for the foundation upon which all being is tethered. The primal corner stone and functional negative ground is the gravitational component holding existence and that which establishes condensed mass.

It is essential to understand the major elements within Humanity and its vehicle for creation the billions of Human Bodies in physical incarnation. Following primal reductionism the life center of the body is the human heart which resonates as the nucleus for the Mind which holds itself as the gravitational center for the spiraling cellular threads of light streams which create and regenerate the human body. Dwelling within the earth are the collective hearts and emotional field of humanity and the Sun secures the Earth into firm dynamic spiritual planetary alignment with the Divine Mind and the Central Sun.

The earth in interstellar context is that component which humanity experiences as the collective home. The heart nucleus is empowered with life and light from the Sun bringing forth evolutionary energy to humanity’s expanding physical and non-physical being. The Earth provides the ground for the reception of fundamental electromagnetic, chemical and physical essences. Each entity or body is grounded with omni-centric conscious awareness and cosmic gravitational attunement. Each unitary life reality is pre-existent non-linear super-sensory holographic consciousness.

From the preceding passage understand the deepest level of essence is within the center, in condensed matter, condensed space, condensed time, concentrated thought, complete knowledge, emotional calm, zero vibration, stasis, silence, home, sleep, nothingness, rest, peace and it is that which is the origination point of the grand expansion, the first seed. The foundation of matter is primal pure singular substance of first dimensional strata giving birth to all that grows. Planted substance is essence sustained and eternally given opportunity to energetically expand through creation brought forth by universal divine spiraling intelligence.

Core inner light sacred geometric principles allow all growth and expansion. Inner light is the synthesis of intelligence, energy and substance. It is the light of life itself operating both as centripetal magnetic force bringing to itself the energy and as centrifugal electric source radiating outward from its center. Through the spinning vortex, the wormhole, the galactic black hole where substance is condensed at the center of centers light is held and expands within itself. It grounds creation to the inner power of the light within into the emptiness of the attractive void. It is the other side of the gift of being; the essence of the internal desire, the point where all that is returns and goes forth. It is where the River of Heaven springs and flows.

Through the radiating expression of energy love streams forth in creative intelligence shining new forms into existence. Pulsations of Light energy shine forth into the infinite expanse of the macrocosm. Forwards and backwards, in an elliptic, spiral, fractal holographic universal stream within the spiritual ocean and inside the quantum soup reality magically appears and mysteriously disappears in the breathtaking cosmos. All is compressed and condensed into the last desire and surrendered into nothingness to be expressed again in creation. The end is the beginning, the Omega and the Alpha.

From this single point within a star, a planet, a human, a heart beats harmonic vibrations attracting and connecting other centers to consolidate atomic, chemical, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual unitary vibratory inclusion. Waves, particles, atoms, molecules, compounds are quanta of energy in vibration, which are thought forms, which are focused probabilities, which are creative intentions, which are sacred universal forms, which are pulsations of time waves, which are creations of the Divine Mind and agreements of Higher Intelligence.

The Divine Mind allows creation through the illuminations of higher intelligences of the celestial creators of this universe who are in tune with the Over souls. All that is thought, conceived, created and born is from supreme divine love from which there is continuous loving intention of inflowing and expressing spiritual energy which always comes forth to fulfill the void with the expansion of spiritual being.

In third dimensional mechanics reality is reversed into locality quadrants through developing membrane sequence templates. This causes multiplicity of manifestations into existence to coalesce into dimensional temporality where the coincidence of creation and expectation resolve the particle world of the third dimension. Mental formation of the accretions upon the elements of the second dimensional density is the method in which matter is formed. The elementals of the second dimension and the beings of the third dimension are engaged in holding of form converse to fundamental design.

Individual consciousness in second dimensional realms is limited to instinctual skills and group interactive dynamics. The entities on the physical plane are bonded to compounds and integrated into fixed uncompromising structures. At the non-physical correlative plane the elementals have more intelligence and interact with the upper dimensions in limited capacity still concretely bonded to the first dimensional earth plane.

The layered dimensional density design gives stewardship over the subordinate dimension to the one superior. This movement flows within operating design configurations and the stewards cooperate with lower vibratory density entities to achieve fruitful accomplishments. When a higher dimensional conscious being acts contrary of beneficial desires of lower dimension entities the drawing forth energy is reversed to appropriate flow. In the case of the second dimension where third dimensional beings utilize chemicals, resources and elements in opposition to the natural flow pollution, instability, toxicity and chaos in the second dimension results which affects negatively the physical world of the third dimension.

In a similar manner where natural individual human choice, predilection and desire function is compromised by fourth dimensional disincarnated entities who mine the mental and emotional fields to regain lower vibratory sensations it creates negative temporal desire loops and fourth dimensional psychosis. Aberrant behavior by fourth dimensional entities invading mental emotional fields of third dimensional humans cause emotional distress, mental chaos, cultural pollution, global disease, war, terror and fear.

The intricate mysterious relationship between the dimensional layers is that in each one above and below is interconnected in an infinite series of living hyper-tunnels and microtubules. Through aligned educated choice the active participants in superior dimensional mediums are inclined to be of service to beings in a lower dimensional place while continuing to seek ascendance into higher dimensional strata helped by the stewardship of superior beings in higher realms.

The laws of each of the dimension are following the rule of the upwards evolutionary organization principles of harmonic attraction. Space is formulated within higher dimensions in accord with harmonic field mathematics. In the case of the second it corresponds through the harmonic association from the fourth, sixth and eight dimensions. They are measured off first and tenth as dipolar realities, which are vibratory frequencies which are realms substance and energy contained within a field of intelligence. In the case of the third dimension it is grounded by magnetism within the planetary gravitational field of the first and attracted by the electromagnetism by the Central Sun in the tenth. The third to the fifth dimension offers immediate release to higher intelligences within the seventh dimension.

The conscious creation of reality is based upon humanity existing in the third dimension to manifest deliberately thoughts precipitated into existence by higher intelligences from the seventh and ninth dimensions through the medium of fifth dimensional awareness.
The active spaced electric light radiations are sequentially grounded by the concentration of Divine Mind pulsing vibrations into sixth dimensional sacred geometric space. The stream contains inherent points of power which manifest as universes, singularities, stars, planets to spherical energy chakra vortexes within the bodies. They are energy centers within the emotional body that project thought forms of the mental light body which creates a lower desire body projection on the fourth dimensional probability layering of the quantum waves and particles.

Third dimensional physical manifestation takes form through increasing condensation by adherence to third dimensional structures magnetized within the elements of the second dimensional transmuted essence. The Teachers of Light take power from the seventh and ninth dimensions to enter in service in this timeline of the third dimension to bring forth a lesson about the containment and direction of emotional energy. Emotional energy is being detached from the planetary grids by the reduction of global magnetism through a polarity adjustment. The purpose is to balance electro-magnetic physical streams and clear static interference between the active lines of quantum energy transmissions and infinite arrays of parallactic mental observation. The Teachers will then have a clear stream in alignment to channel higher emotional beacons to the hearts of their collective soul.

As the path of higher light is cleared the teachers of light will speak forth through the medium of the Central Strand being radiated forth by the Central Sun which is grounded to the earth. Joy returns upon the passion of the enthusiastic renewal of the Wayshowers to breathe in the Higher Light and express the creative desire of the universe. Wayshowers seek within to find the center of your being and see the shining Central Sun. See the Higher Light radiate out from your heart through your mind to the center of the Sky. Breathe in again the Higher Light deep to the core of your being and feel it.

Peace is Yours.