Sunday, August 24, 2008

VISION- time to get on board

So you've all reached a point where you probably recognize that the ecstasy of fulfilment is far superior to the pleasure of resistance. Now we need to go into the next step. The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality. That means if your going to radically change your existence, the most powerful thing that you can have is the ability to change your picture of realty, so that its more to your liking. Living in a reality that is not like what you like, then you need to create another picture of reality that will, when the universe rearranges itself, will be just what you like. Now you need to recognize that you are in the 3rd Dimension with your physical bodies, which is unlike the 5th Dimension where it happens instantaneously. In the 3rd Dimension it happens gradually over a period of time. So you may come up with a new vision, which will allow the coming forth of a new reality, and you will do that one for a while, then you may go, "Oh, well, OK I like this about this, but I do not like that about that", so you will come up with a new vision which will bring forth a new reality. This process will go on for you until your version of heaven on Earth is manifested. It could happen thousands of times. A part of the process is making tones in order to break patterns. Moving your hands in order to break patterns of energy so the old pictures of reality that are no longer useful to you can be removed. Another thing that is useful to you is to bust boogies(dark enitities), because they have pictures of reality and while you are being influenced, their pictures seem like yours. Another thing is to learn how to live transpersonally. It is highly unlikely that you are going to be available to the mass hallucination, but if you are trying to have a personal life and fit into the old world, whatever the old world wants you to be is what you will want to be, as long as you are being influenced by old energies. The visions of the old world will become yours. So what we want to share with you is some basic elements that we see would be useful for you to cover in a vision for creating your new world. The 12 essential elements of a vision. 1. Identity: As a sovereign entity look at those things you like about yourself and bring them to there highest expression. What identity (end up being) when the vision is manifest. Also, what you thing is wrong with you becomes your greatest strength, you don't have to know what they are the universe knows. Be authentic and real and try to have desires that match your own spirit - channel what your spirit says is your identity and ask your spirit to write it down. 2. Relationship: How are you going to be in relationship to others people. NO FACES on the others that you want to be aligned with. Be as clean and clear as possibly can be, you love and delight in them and they love and delight in you, with no attachments to the world of form. A WHOLE NEW BACKGROUND PICTURE OF REALITY. 3. Emotional Tone: Something that says YES to the child within. carefree, childlike, silly, innocent as your spirit says to being awe and wonder, joy, delight. It must be authentic emotional expression, that is sad when sad - happy when happy. Allowed to be well rounded and whole. 4. Foundation: Relationship to time and money- that allows everything to be easy for you: Find a way that you are flowing with the natural structure (following your spirit) and how , when, and where, and how much is bought to you in terms of resources. This is where if you are generating a vision you put in the practical down to earth things. Time- perfect timing, being at the right place at the right time, plus intuitively and spontaneously discover what the form of your work will be, so that the form will constantly reveal itself to you and you will dance and flow with that form- so that the fullness of your spirit can express itself. You need to put in right house, right car, right EVERYTHING. Your spirit provides - home base - money - transport - clothing - people - bits and pieces to play with. 5. Freedom of Expression: To be completely spontaneous and in constant excitement, pleasure, intensity in positive and wondrous ways that are upbeat positive form, a constant state of movement and progression - a sense of direction - life force - everyday you get more alive, and when things are good they just keep getting better and better and better and then they get even better. ( no more beniphobia) 6. Contribution to Life: One fundamental motivation- is - that your spirit be allowed its fullest delighted expression, interaction with other beings allows full expression of your full divine energy. To demonstrate in the world true divine expression - you are doing what you are doing because it is an expression of your divinity - because it allows you a constant experience of being wrapped in a cloak of infinity - completely unique. 7. Decrement: The ability to decree in the moment what is supportive to your vision, what is supportive to your identity, what is your spirit guiding you and what is not - decrement to cut dysfunctional pictures of reality - decrement essential to allow you to have some powerful interaction with life itself - constant insights and revelation - extremely high levels of wisdom of life instead of someone's - deep levels of inner peace and harmony - comfortable in being alone and not being lonely. 8. Transpersonal Power: A constant experience of transpersonal power, the power of your Spirit. All other symbols of power are worth nothing honor the true sense of power in your life and allow its full expression. You want to have an ever-expanding capacity, on all levels of your being to deal clearly and consciously and in complete integrity with the power that is made available to you. Include that your physical, mental and emotional bodies plus include that your nervous system is supported so that whatever needs to come through or wants to come through, your nervous system can handle it. This means that you are in the most powerful position for you in every moment. 9. Consistent experience of Wholeness: Allowing and unconditional relationship to your wholeness. Allow the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as the beauty, the magnificent and through allowing yourself the experience of your wholeness, creates ONENESS with all life. You can love and allow all aspects of who you are, and you have a consistent balance of your own male..female energies guiding you and expressing through you. Add the higher spiritual energies -Love - Beauty - Compassion - Grace & Ease. Take all the Divine Forces you can imagine and see all the Divine Forces freely expressing through you and others around you in a supportive co-creation. 10. Conscious Access: To have information and energies from the 5th dimension and above, if it is your desire to have the companionship of channeled entities from the 5th dimension and above and that somehow they communicate to you, through you in whatever way is appropriate for you. So you would have constant and easy access to higher truth plus being able to consciously explore other dimension and witness who you are and what is happening on other dimensions and have that access. To be an instrument where other energies flow from other dimensions into this dimension. 11. Completely living you version of Heaven on Earth: That all of the systems that spontaneously emerge in your life and that you are flowing in and through would be systems that are from your own spirit, that you are operating in a religious and spiritual system from your own spirit, and economical and cultural system that emerged from your own spirit. In that way you become a co-creator, Master of Manifestation. In this way you transcend any possibility that the old world might have to offer. You develop your own system for everything that you need to live in your reality. They might merge from your consciousness. If you would be so bold, you could borrow from all the systems that exist on this planet now, but live in systems that are true for you that emerge from your own spirit. 12. That you be if you wish: - Completely and transpersonally dedicated to the fulfillment and divine intention of your Group Soul. That your life in every moment and every content be in service to something that is so vast that your personal self could never imagine could run the show. Summary: You need some kind of blueprint for a new background reality - if you stay in the background reality that you are in now and as the background always determines what the foreground reality will be like - once the background is handled the foreground will have a logical flow within that background - most of you just accept the background and never question it, they never imagine that they can change it and do the best they can in the foreground reality and be continually frustrated trying to be all that they are because they don't have a background that can accommodate all of that. So now systematically build and rebuild, as soon as all that you can imagine now has manifested it will be time to do another vision, even bigger, and then bigger, and you just keep doing this.

Alarius. Earth Mission.