Monday, August 25, 2008

Heart as Your Guide - Lemurian Meditation

I AM Sadiyaa: I AM the Magdalen: I AM Sananda. We are with you this day, to describe the earliest phase of the Great Shift in Consciousness, that is reaching its final stages now, on the Earth plane, as we speak.

It began, a long time ago, with the energy you know as Lemuria. It was a grand time, with many a wonderful beginning, as those from the Angelic and the Elven worlds came together, to bring forth that which would sustain the world of Hue-man, in times to come, ever guided by the Love of the Goddess Light, and the Guidance reality. The merging of the Angelic and Elven Lights, brought forth the Lemurian: a Being of Light, that knew itself as ever part of the whole; that sang the songs of Love to Gaia, to stabilise her energies, and to prepare her for a time, when she would support a great multitude of Beings, who would not, for the most part, care for her, in Love.

That time, is now, dear friends: the load on the Mother, Mother Earth or Gaia, has grown heavy, and she seeks now, to address herself to her own healing process. In this, she is bringing forth a great Shift in your Consciousness: an opportunity, to leave the struggle of the world of the matrix of thought that has dominated your world, to bring forth a new way of Being.

This opportunity, is now stronger than ever, in its availability to you. In this time of the Shift, there is the potential for that which is of great Beauty, to emerge from within your heart, to guide you, to nurture you, to Inlighten you, throughout the difficulties that are encountered in your daily lives at this time. We speak of the connection that you have within, to the part of you that is ever in connection with Source Light, the Creator Itself. As this knowing, grows and strengthens within you, you awaken to the understanding, that you have never been separated from this Light - it was hidden from you, by your own desire to experience, that which is available to you in the third dimensional experience of thought consciousness.

However, this level of consciousness, has grown heavier and stronger, pervading the thoughts of most on the planet at this time. It has reached a level, where Gaia can no longer tolerate its continued existence. She will bring further shifts in the weather and so forth, to allow awareness of the great need for change to emerge, in the energy of the connection that you have with her.

Such awareness will not come easily, to most, for they will seek to perpetuate their ways of utilising science to bring forth their answers. Those of you, who read these messages, already know of Gaia as a living, breathing, energy pattern, who creates and maintains weaves to sustain the life force of all of her inhabitants, animate and what you would consider inanimate. In this, she has been assisted by those that are termed primitive peoples by most in the dominant culture: they knew, how to nurture and sustain her energy, in the Love that was conveyed through ceremony, song and dance. They lived within the rhythm of the seasons, and honoured her Light as a way of life.

As you make your own shift, into the energy of the heart, you find yourself sensitive to the needs of the animal world, the plants, the trees and so forth. You become aware, of the beauty of the weaves of interconnectedness of all consciousness, and you begin to see, the reflection of the Human weave, or the matrix, there before you, in the very weather patterns that disturb you so. For it is a great cleansing process, that is underway at this time. In many forms of healing, you are taught to clear the energy field, prior to bringing forth that which heals and sustains the life force of the individual or that which is receiving the gift of the healing via your consciousness.

This is the stage where that which is known to you as Gaia, is now. She is in the process of steadily releasing, that which accumulates daily, weekly, monthly, prior to beginning the process of deeper healing, which is ever ongoing, yet, has taken somewhat of a secondary focus, in her great Love of Humanity. She has allowed all to play out their desired patterns of experiencing, that they might come to understand, from within, the need for a different way of Being: a return to the time of Lemuria, where the energy of the heart was ever the guiding factor.

There are many on the Earth plane who have contributed their Love and gifts, to create that which anchors and stabilises the new energies that are received constantly now, from other planetary Beings in your system - the Sun star, the Moon, and so forth, in addition to other energies, such as the that from the planetary alignments you know as astrological conjunctions; the frequencies beamed to you from the Great Central Sun, and the Love that is ever increasing from a great many sources now.

This work is greatly honoured: it was needed, to bring forth that which is now underway, in this Shifting process. It was the work of individuals, for the most part: not known of, by the great majority of those who live on your planet, for they have held no interest in such things. This Shift in Consciousness, is one that must be brought forth by the people: by those, who consider themselves to be ordinary, perhaps seekers of Truth, Wisdom, and such; yet, still ones that most often, are not in the public eye in any form. They are growing rapidly in numbers now, for the momentum has reached a point, where understanding of the great need of personal change by the many, brings forth a spiritual awakening within, that is unprecedented in the history of your planet, since the time of Lemuria.

You, the Beloved Ones who read these messages, are the Lighthouses, the Beacons of Light, who are discovering, more and more each day, the nature of the journey you have designed for yourselves at this momentous time. And for those of you, who say to us, "But I don't know what that is yet!", we say to you, "Listen... listen, to the voice of your heart."

There is a growing understanding within, a recognition, of Who You Truly ARE: Beings of Light, enjoying a Human experience, that is to bring forth a rapid cycle of change now, of consciousness, of Life itself... for the old ways, playing out old energy games of greed, territoriality, competition, are releasing their grasp on much of Humanity, as we look out upon the Earth plane now.

It is a time, when many are seeking, that which is sustaining, that which is nurturing, to the Self, yet also, to Gaia. For you know, Beloved Ones, Who You ARE. It may lie beneath your conscious awareness, yet, it guides your actions now, to release the pain and suffering of the past, to co-create now, a new way of Being, that is Harmonious; that is aligned with the journey of your Soul, your Higher Self, or Essence.

And what is this way? It is ever, to seek out that, which brings you Joy in its Creation: that, which is of benefit to those around you, as it brings with it, an understanding of the Beauty of all Life on this planet; that which nurtures and sustains, and expands the Light within... for there is ever that, which appears to nourish, yet, is empty of substance, available to you also.

Seek not, the emptyness of panaceas, when by taking a moment to be still, to send forth a Prayer, to the Light within You: a message, that seeks understanding, of what is possible, in the moment, followed by another moment of stillness, that which can be called Meditation, to receive this guidance: thereby, allowing yourself the rich food of Love, that is ever present to You.

In the ancient time of Lemuria, in Truth, only yesterday: you were ones who communicated constantly with the Divine within, the All That Is... Creator Light. In so doing, you were ones who knew, what it was to BE, in perfect balance, in Love, with all parts of Self, with all of Life around you. It is time now, to bring forth these understandings from deep within, once more; and to bring to them, the great wealth of experience, that has been received since that time. In that, there is the vastness of potential, to co-create, in Love, a beautiful world, that has all living lives filled with Joyousness, in Peace, and knowing, with complete certainty, the Love that prevails over all.

Let us begin, with a guided meditation, to take you into this world of which we speak: that of Le-mur-i-a. Let yourself be still, with Peace within, setting aside all concerns at this time, for your entourage to take care of for you, for you have more important work to do now.

As you breathe, gently and easily, breaths that reach down into your lower stomach, let yourself imagine, that you are stretched out upon the soft grass and tiny flowers of a beautiful meadow... feeling the softness, of the grass beneath you, the gentle warmth of morning sunshine upon your skin, with a slight breeze blowing, bringing you the scents of the flowers around you - so sweet, so enjoyable to experience, as you open your senses to the scents in the air.

Listen now, to the happy chirping and calling of the many birds; the sound of the breeze; and as you let your eyes open just a little, you can see the myriad of tiny translucent shapes of the energy that nourishes Gaia, moving downwards, all around you. Shift your focus, to the beauty of the little clouds that float in the blueness of the sky above you... perhaps, there is a shape there to recognise, bringing you a message from your Angels.

Turn your focus now, to the Earth, beneath you. Imagine or know, that you are a Being of Light, consisting of Light particles, and that your Light particles, can dance, mingling, merging, with those of Gaia, beneath you and all around you. Let yourself drift a little deeper into the stillness, as you begin to merge your awareness with that of Gaia. Feel yourself stretching out, out and out, bigger and bigger, until her skin becomes your skin, her body becomes your body, and you can feel the many parts of self, as you would be able to sense the workings of your own body's cells and organs also. Let yourself feel the immensity, of her now. And shift your focus, to the energy that she is: alive, glorious, vital, as a Being of Light, as she truly IS.

Now, let yourself feel, the many places where her energy is unsupported, by those who are in ignorance... and bring your Love to her, honouring her, as a supreme Being of Light, just as You ARE, also. Feel her great Love, as she receives your gift, and allow yourself now, to feel the Light of the many Beacons of Light, other Lightworkers, who also cherish and honour her, as you do: linking together, as one heart, one Soul, to bring forth the Love that revitalises and heals, to whatever part of Self is in need of it; releasing the heaviness of the matrix, dissolving it in particles of golden Light, that flow from the great Web of Love, that resides in the Etheric fabric around the Earth plane as yet, but will one day, become the basis for the mass consciousness of Humanity.

As the mist of golden Light particles flows to the Earth plane now, from the Web of Love, notice, that represented there, are the many parts of Gaia's Love: the plant weave with its immense and ancient tree Beings, the crystal realm, the very stones upon the Earth, the living waters, that communicate and bring forth energy entrusted to them, amongst them. Feel or sense also, the great Love of the Whales and Dolphins, the Ai-eena; the Angelic Light; the Guidance reality; the intergalactics, and so forth: all aligned, with the Human Beacons of Light, to co-create a wonderful new way of Being, in Love, in Peace, in Joyousness.

For this is the New Earth: our Earth, our Gaia, Loving one another, and seeking to discover, what we might create together, in the Love: transcending, that which has gone before, as we evolve together, into new understandings and experiences, connected and within, the energy of the Heart.

We are the Violet Council of Light, focused this day, though the energy of Sadiyaa, Sananda, the Magdalen, and Tikele. We, all on the Violet Council, seek ever to bring forth the Love of Creator Light, to shine so brightly within You, that Your Love ignites, transcending the matrix, to bring forth Your Beauty in this new world of Peace and Love.

We ask You now, to receive the blessings of this Love, to hold it in Your hearts, bringing it forth, as You feel the Peace that resides within, and EnJoy, the many gifts of Love, on this beautiful journey of Life, that we co-create together. And so it is, as we give thanks, for Your presence, on the Earth plane at this time: Mahalo!